Friday, August 6

Weekly Surf:

Why does Jcrew have the best kids clothes on the friggggggin planet?
Loving these shoes & these shoes. (my size please!)

Just purchased this high chair for baby photos.
Thinking about painting it a glossy, fire engine red or staining it yellow or turquoise.... Thoughts?

are a must for a baby boy's nursery! So cute!

why doesn't anyone shoot film anymore?
I love her medium format photos.

(those legs!....omg!)

lusting over Katie Holmes hair
here & here

2 weddings up on the photography blog.
Go check'em out!

"How many binky's can I possibly fit in my mouth.....?"


  1. I LOVE that boat mobile.. I' ve always thought about doing a nautical theme in a boy's room.. and now I need to decide for sure! (Yup, it's a boy!)

  2. OMG Jessi! Have you told Ben?! How fun! You're going to LOVE having a boy! They're so fun to dress, and fun to wrestle with and they LOVE their mommy's. I'm so excited for you guys! p ;)

  3. TURQUOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or better yet, MUSTARD yellow :)

  4. That must be the most beautiful chair I've ever seen - how precious! Actually... painting it?!? It looks so great as it is now.
    I love your shared links, it is always so much fun for me to follow there.

  5. I vote for turquoise or red on the chair. So cute!

  6. LOVE that photo of your little man :)

    What a character!

  7. Love the high chair. I would keep it in the natural shade. Looks more old fashioned

  8. I vote Turquoise!! And love kate hudson, she is effortlessly gorgeous!

    And what a cute pic of your boy!

  9. Im with turquoise. It's my favorite. I love that mobile, been trying to figure out something cool I can make for the babies mobile, and since we are naming him Kai (Hawaiian for ocean) we are thinking of doing some ocean centric stuff.....hmmmm.

    Love that picture.

  10. What a sweet name Sarita. I love it, and I love the meaning!

    I have paper lanterns over conrad's bed and a paper mobile over his changing table-which really comes in handy when he's throwing a fit not wanting his diaper changed. I just move it around and he quiets up. People have gotten so creative with them these days though!

    I'm thinking turquoise just might be the color I go with!

  11. I'm glad (it sounds like) you decided on turquoise. I think that chair would be stunning painted! Can't wait to see some shots featuring it - or a baby... ;)

  12. high gloss turquoise!!!! i cannot get enough turquoise in my life. neither can you.

  13. I just came across you blog and I love it! too cute. where did you find that high chair, I've been on a mission to find one just like it for our house?!?

  14. I searched craigs list and got lucky. The lady sold it for cheap, I was very excited about it actually. I can't wait to paint it and use it for photos!

    thanks doll. You're too kind.