Saturday, August 7

Nobody signs Grandpa hotter than you

Usually my husband gives me the "Get that camera out of my face or I'll cut you!" face when I get camera happy, 
but tonight was not one of those nights. He let me have my fun. 
And I got to watch both of my boys play. These times are such a joy for me. 

"Where's my nose?!"
These two make me sick with their giddy-happy little smiles. 
The next baby will be a girl who I can get pedicures with and bake cupcakes with....
They get to wrestle..... I'm not jealous at all really. I'm not!
(Dustin is so crazy)
The sign for Grandpa:
(As I was laughing and snapping these photos, Dustin says to me,
 "These had better not end up on your blog!" Bahahah! Sucker.
Signing Time!
Conrad's one handed "More"
Dustin's two handed "More" correcting him.
Handsome devil.
"Where's your teeth?!"
How dare you Mommy, intruding on my "Daddy time!"
Nobody signs Grandpa hotter than you honey.  
Love you guys!


  1. This post was a 20308 on the 1-10 cuteness scale.

  2. Aw, this is so incredibly sweet!

  3. so adorable.
    nothing is better than daddies and their babies :) great shots!

  4. i love love love the photos sister...also, we did the signing thing too and I loved it..but my hubby wasnt home enough to participate (like its really hard haha) so we kinda put it by the way side..It is so sweet to see little Conrad learning and signing.

  5. loving your little space. our boys seem a lot alike. :)

  6. So precious. I would be (a little) jealous too.

  7. That is adorable. I want to have a husband and a baby now.
    My aunt always wanted to have a daughter, too. She had three sons instead. But now she has three granddaughters :)!

  8. You guys are such an attractive little family!

  9. how adorable are your two boys !!! :):)
    made me smile!!!

  10. i am loving these pics! you rock at that camera girlfriend. you will have your girl, because i know what its like for boys to gang up on you.

  11. Your boys are too handsome! I know exactly how you are feeling though. My Sammy l.o.v.e.'s his daddy and whenever he's around, I'm so chopped liver. What ever happened to 'momma's boys'??

  12. aww this is so cute! i love that you are teaching him sign. i just stumbled across your blog and i love it :]