Sunday, August 1

He is a brilliant man.

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to church with my Dad.  (I always love hearing him sing at church...), and also getting to spend time with the lovely people, Chan Simone and his wife Pon, and these three lovely ladies who I met on my mission trip to Thailand with my Dad a few years ago.

The girl on the far left was left to fend for herself when her father died and her mother abandoned her to pursue a life of prostitution in Bangkok. Chan and his mission team took her in and made her their own, gave her a new life, took her in as a daughter. He has taken in many children who had nothing, who had no one. At church she spoke about her life and how Jesus has been her rock. She spoke of her faith and how "you could take away everything but just don't take away Jesus!" (I hope our kids have that kind of faith at 15 years of age). Chan is probably one of the coolest guys I know apart from my dad & husband. His heart for Jesus, and his reckless love for the lost, the unlovable, the lonely, the heartbroken, the hungry are a mire reflection of how Jesus felt about the people who he ran into. I am inspired by this man. Because of his love for the heart broken, these girls are going to college and will not be following in the footsteps of their mothers who sold their bodies, No, they are putting their hope in the one who provides all of their needs. I was so proud and so blown away at these girls and their beauty. What a blessing to see them grown up.

I love that the relationship, and partnership with these dear friends is a lasting one. My Dad, Jim will be going to Thailand to serve for his 4th trip in October. He will see familiar faces of people who know his name and count him as a friend. People of whom he fervently prays for and cares about. I think that if my dad had it his way, He'd sell everything his owns and live there for the rest of his life. I've never seen him happier than when we were there together.
(My Dad is the guy in the back.)

Chan is responsible for planting 130 churches in the last year. 50+ people and children were forced out of their church service a few months ago at gun point. Their home was burnt down because they were worshiping God. Either way,  Chan and his team will continue on. They inspire me. He is a brilliant man who has a doctorate and if he never told you, you'd never know it because he's got the most humble heart in the world. He laughs at my sarcasm and doesn't take himself seriously. He's goofy. He built a Christian school where kids come and get educated and loved on. They get to come home and tell their parents about God. I think that's pretty cool. 


  1. So inspiring, I am so glad that there are men like Chan out there. So glad that these lovely girls get a future beyond a brothel.

    I also loved reading your feelings about your dad, I feel the same way about mine! (I always like to sit next to him at church because I loved to hear him sing :)

  2. Pretty dang amazing. The light of Christ is powerful.

  3. you are so blessed to have such an amazing papa. thanks for sharing!