Thursday, July 29

Weekly Surf:

My grandmother called today to ask me why I haven't written a blog since last Friday.
I think she was wanting to see some new pics of the rug rat. {Isn't she the sweetest!}
I love that seeing her great grand son makes her day!

This week, Dustin & I made the painful decision to hide the Dino from Conrad

(as he has chosen to use it as a weapon and has become increasingly obsessed with it.)

We made the executive decision that the relationship they share had become unhealthy....

He refuses to part with the said dinosaur to perform everyday tasks

like getting dressed, sleeping, eating, rides in the car, & taking baths....

If I try to take it from him,

he scratches his eyes out.

He has been pacing the rooms of the house in search of his lost friend.
I feel sad for him.

Here is a photo of the two during happier times.
Conrad hollering in his room.
A toy I purchased for Conrad 2 years before he was born.
Dustin mid- MOO face.
Jumping on the bed.
Dustin cooking a middle eastern dish that I craved a lot when I was pregnant.
We made some for my parents and my Dad called him the next day to personally
tell him that it was awesome. My Dad loves to cook too.
standing back to look at what he's built.
His favorite room in the house. His own.

Weekly Surf:

A concept photo shoot by the creative and fabulous Vicki of the city cradle
So glad she asked me to photograph it for her! We had a blast!

{excuse the shameless plug}

If I ever own a store someday, I would decorate it like this

If I could go back in time and RE-do my wedding, I would ask my brides maids
to each wear different dresses like these brides maids did.
(note the awesome vintagie chairs at the reception. Genius!)

I'm kind of obsessed with these metallic sneakers OR these awesome boots
Conrad needs these...

I'm thinking maybe I'd die to have
what do you think?

my ultimate girl crush

{Have a the grandest of grand weekends}


  1. This is really a cute post :) Your kiddo & the dino are really cute!! But that dino does look dangerous! :/

  2. Thank you for making your Grannys day. I love seeing the little rug rat. So cute and getting so big too fast.
    Give him big hugs and kisses from his GG.

  3. Gotta love Florence + the Machine!

  4. awww, these pictures are so sweet. You have such a lovely family.

  5. aww, poor thing. yesterday i opened up my bottom dresser drawer and found a dino under all my clothes. i have no idea where it came from! olivia is a little sneak.

    and his bedroom...question...are those walls grey????? i want to do grey in the new baby's room and was just wondering what kind you used! i LOVE it.

  6. Anonymous30 July, 2010

    love the hollering picture! hah, definitely my favorite!

    have a lovely weekend, doll!


  7. A few things....

    Aren't cooking husbands the best!?
    Poor Conrad, Im sure he will find a new best friend.
    I too like the grey walls.
    Love the different floral dresses. I had my bridesmaids wear whatever they wanted as long as they had some kind of blue in them.
    Also love the chairs.

  8. ohhh the shoes for Conrad, so cute! i'm loving the boots for max.

  9. Anonymous31 July, 2010

    So many joyful photos, liked watching this so much! And thanks for sharing all the great links. The wedding pics are marvellous and you yourself are a great photographer, too. I need a new camera *sigh*.

  10. Awh, so cute! <3

    I was wondering if you would take the time to have a look at my poll to help me decide the name I'm going to call my new blog. I've already come up with a list of names, but need some help in choosing the best one! Here's the link:

    Thankyou! x

  11. Your family looks like so much fun!!! :-)

  12. I hope the dinosaur separation goes ok!

    Those dresses are so cute! My girls all wore different styles but the same color - hopefully they liked it!

  13. I'm in love with that entire wedding. Love the round up!

  14. these photos are so great!