Friday, July 23

Mr. Yogurt-cup-hand-man!

He's leaning how spoons work and learning that he can fit his whole fist in the yogurt cup....
His mind is blown: 
He's exercising those vocal chords and voices his opinion on just about everything....
He takes his nap in just a diaper and shirt, totally sprawled out and cozy as can be.
On this particular morning, he cried when I took his dino away, so they ate breakfast together.
 They've since taken many baths together and late night rendevous in his crib when it's ni-night time.
(I think that damn dinosaur is a friggin' weapon and wish I'd never bought it! But whatever.)

He's showing me his dino.
Yes buddy, I see it! It's awesome, I know! 

{Have a great weekend.}


  1. I love this post! His faces are classic! Beautiful boy :)

  2. my mind is pretty much blown every time i stick my fist in anything.

  3. ohhh myy, what a precious boy.<3

  4. haha...that reminds me of oilvia with her "baa". she wants to take that sheep everywhere with her and every night it's an issue because she wants to bring it in the bath!

  5. So glad to know my son is not the only little guy who is a messy eater. How do they manage to get their dinner on their heads too?;)
    Happy weekend,

  6. omg too cute!! hehehe :) he makes me smile!!

  7. those are great shots. he's doing so much! i love that he loves his dino.
    we have the same crib bedding for Lily. :)

  8. he is so cute with his messy face!

  9. Oh, such a cutie :-) Hehe.

  10. Anonymous25 July, 2010

    Ha, how cute is he :-) ... I think every little boy has toys that Mommys hate.

  11. omg how cute can he be?

  12. Awe! How cute is he? And how messy. ha ha. I hope you had a fab weekend yourself!


  13. I just can't get over her platinum blonde hair.

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  15. Hey lady!

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  16. Um, so I referred to your son as a 'her' and feel like I should explain. I was thinking of how much his platinum hair reminded me of Jessica's Gracie at that age.....and apparently got confused. :)