Wednesday, August 25


The kids spent the morning playing and enjoying (not one but two) Popsicles each...
They danced around during Yo Gabba Gabba, which was cute to see. 
Avery gave kisses (and then I turned into a puddle on the sweet is she!), Conrad got fat (refer to photo below), and at the end of the morning, the kids were both pretty fussy and needed a nap! It's nice to have friends with kids (who will someday get married!), Ahem, I mean, It's nice to have friends with kids that play together so well! Wink wink!
See how they share!
Fussy pants:


  1. Oh my heck when i saw that "fat" picture i thought that he had a allergic reaction to something!! WOW glad you guys were just having fun on the computer haha I love your blog by the way, I always enjoy your fashion days!!

  2. HOLY COW he does look so fat! Did your computer do that or your camera?
    Avery is so adorable. I love how she gives kisses.


  3. It's an app on the iphone called fat booth. it's pretty funny. you take a picture of someone and then it makes you look fat.... Ha!

    Yeah, avery is a sweetheart!

  4. BAAAH!!! conrad DID get fat! & he still looks cute..what gives?


  5. I love the fat booth app:) What cuties they are.

  6. hahahaha....that is so funny. my brother & his wife were babysitting olivia recently while we went to the movies and while sitting in the theater i get a text message of her swelled up face and it says, "i think i gave olivia to many cookies tonight" i seriously had tears i was laughing so hard. thank goodness it was just during previews because i'm sure i wasn't quiet about it as i passed the phone down the line to my husband and sisters.

    that is the best app!