Sunday, August 22

Weekend In Photos:

Conrad feeding uncle Vinni some breakfast:
                    My bro & I                                          My Mom, brother and Conrad
Conrad & his nana at the splash pad.
Lunch with Aaron & Jeremiah was a blast. I love to hear what Jesus is doing in their lives.
It's been neat to watch our relationships with Aaron & his wife (morgan) flourish, even if we live in different states. The roots have grown deep and God has been good to us in giving us such amazing friends in them.
That little elbow dimple makes me smile.
Conrad and his cool uncle Ethan jumping on the trampoline (Isn't Dustin's brother adorable?)
Ice cream sandwich for dinner? Why not! 
The dudes watching some TV....Ignoring my existence. Don't mind me. 
Getting woken up with a kiss is never a bad thing. 


  1. awww these pictures are so cute. I especially love the picture with your hair in that braid, you're stunning!

  2. oh my goodness, that last picture kills me.

  3. super fun family photos. looks like a fun weekend! love the pic of the dudes watching tv.

  4. that last picture is incredible. Those are the kinds of things that I love! (I have a contest going on! come look)

  5. Dimple,ice cream, you adorable.

  6. Haha! I told you Dustin was such a "poser"! (He MUST have been a male model in a previous life-haha!) And, we are certain he's wearing Tommy Hilfiger underpants. You've got you a stud for sure. =) Thanks for lettin us have lunch with ya yesterday!

  7. You crack me up Aaron. We'll keep you guys posted on Austin. You'll be among the first to know.

  8. i love love loooovvve your hair!
    such precious photos.<3

  9. you have a beautiful beautiful family! and your pictures are to die for. your bangs!!! i want them. xoxo

  10. I love your hair! And that headband. And your cute bb! :)

  11. Sweetest pictures ever! Oh I love it! Especially the one where they are watching tv.


  12. LOOOOOOVE the watching TV picture, even if everyone else in the world has already said that.