Friday, June 11

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Moms, help me out with this. We cut out the morning nap which means, If we're out and about in the afternoon he will probably fall asleep in the car (something he's never done.) Or take a short cat nap on the couch (also, something he's never done.) This has been an adjustment for us all, but he's ready. He still loves his "ba-ba" binky, and although he drinks like a champ from his sippy, I still give bottles every now and then. Now that he's older, it seems like he knows when it's bed time and he's started screaming and kicking when we walk to his room for bed time. Did your kids do this? He used to be so good about bed time, but now that he knows that there are cool things to play with, he wants to stay up!

It's so sad though to hear him cry. Sometimes he'll cry for 2 minutes, sometimes 20 minutes! He's been going down at 7 and waking up at 7, but he FIGHTS going to bed. It's driving me crazy. I know that if i let him, he'd play until he was all played out and then crash on the couch at 10:00, but then my night with Dustin wouldn't start til' ten.... The crying every night and protesting has to stop. It makes me sad to imagine him sitting up crying in his crib all alone in the dark....BUT WHAT CAN I DO?! He'll pass out in our arms in the rocker and then wakes up freaking out during the transfer! He's tired, he just doesn't want to put himself to sleep.

It's not like I put him to bed when he isn't tired, and I don't think his nap needs to be shortened, he's just so ornery! He KNOWS now I guess. It's irritating though. Any ideas?

AND THE TANTRUMS. He seems to react alright when I'm firm with him if he's grunting at me or not letting me put him in shopping carts or his car seat. If I'm TOO firm though and give him that face, He JUST STARTS CRYING, with REAL tears, and it's so sad.

This raising kids stuff isn't easy.
That one little tooth peeking itself out through his sweet little lips
is heart breaking-ly cute.

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all things twilight
I so don't check this everyday....

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a yummy pop sickle recipe I must try out soon

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baby room cute-ness

my cousins husband started a faith related blog
go check it out

So I think It might be time for a hair cut.
He's starting to look like Nick Nolte....
See what I mean?

{Have a good weekend dolls.}


  1. Ya the sleep thing is so hard. But seriously give it a few weeks of this and he'll figure out that when you put him to bed, it's time for bed and that you're not going to go back in and get him.

    We made the mistake the first time around of letting our first stay up as late as she wanted. Ooops. And now at 3 1/2 she STILL has so much trouble going to bed. We have to read her a hundred books and talk to her and sit with her. It's crazy. But the second time around we did it right. Faye's always been good at falling asleep by herself, but recently she went through a little phase where she just wanted to be up, hanging out. And I knew she was tired so I'd lay her in her bed and let her cry it out... She'd never cry for more than 20 minutes. But I never gave in and she's back to falling asleep on her own. It took a few weeks.

    So, good luck! I know it's hard and you just want to give in and let them stay up so they'll be happy! But time with the husband is so important!

  2. whoa his hair is wackadoo. has he had a proper haircut yet?

  3. bahaha! he is WAY cuter than nick nolte. i love his hair. don't cut it. and i totally know what you mean about the naps. its tricky right? when i cut out naps i bumped up bedtime by 2 or 3 hours. it was nice. i liked having the extra time at night for my and my hubby. ;) he is adorable!

  4. i agree with the Erin up there...time with the hubby is important! keep the bedtime routine the same...give him a couple weeks and he will be over his crying fits :) olivia did this for a very short period of time as well...her napping is all over the place (she has NEVER been a good napper for me) but i stick to the routine of an 8pm bedtime and she goes down like clockwork now :) he'll get the hang of it!

  5. Nick Nolte called.....He wants his baby pictures back! ! ha-ha-hah
    Love Ya Anyway, Lil' Con-Man

  6. The Nick Nolte hair is hilarious!!

    Love your links, especially the crayon sculptures.

  7. LMFAO!! That was totally the day you left my house.

  8. yeah- Tracy! I sprayed sunscreen in his hair because he wouldn't keep his hat on and I didn't realize it would act like hair spray!

    He's a crazy man.

    thanks for the advice ladies. I appreciate it.

    Last night he went down without a fight. We'll see how tonight goes?! ;)