Thursday, June 10


This is the face that greets me each new day:
Am I the only mom who has to refrain from pinching that juicy-squishy-cellulite speckled-baby-fat as hard as I possibly can while squealing and nearly bruising my child?

He's just so cute I want to literally HURT him sometimes. I kiss him until he pushes me away and I hug him too tight and I've tickled him to the point of tears and I nearly broke his arm last week. I'm trying to teach "nice hands", and "Gentle to mommy's hair" while patting his hair, but I haven't been very gentle myself lately. (I'll get to the broken arm story later.)

I realize how stupid us Mom's and Dad's must look when we hide behind a corner and jump out just to hear our kids belly laugh (don't laugh too hard, you've got a mouth full of food! I don't want you to laugh yourself to death!) I'd hate to have to knock food out of you (again).... We make the stupidest faces and sounds to try to get our babies to react. OR driving through the drive through car wash twice in one week just to watch your reaction to the giant monster attacking the car! That's cheap entertainment right there!

OH, and getting them to preform on que is the worst. Dustin taught Conrad where his hair is and it's the most adorable thing in the world when Conrad takes his hands, grabs his hair and pulls it out to the sides of his head smiling. So today I was trying to show Sofia his new trick and kept saying "Conrad, WHERE'S YOUR HAIR!!!?" over and over, and I probably sounded like a lunatic. He just stood there like "Get over yourself lady! I am not here for your amusement!"

He's walking now, but only when NO ONE IS WATCHING. When is so frustrating. He just stands there looking at us and stiffening his body, pulling his arms tight against his sides, grunting in protest and squinting his little beady eyes when I try to show someone how good of a walker he is. Then he falls on the ground and does this half walk-half crawl move where he keeps one leg out to the side. It's quite cute actually, but IT'S NOT WALKING, it's bear crawling sort of.... we're getting there.

I learned my limits as far as wrestling goes. Our favorite thing is wrestling. We all wrestle on the bed when Dustin gets home (the bed wrestling is probably the reason why we can't all co-sleep. He thinks that the bed is a play area....) Anyway. So I was body slamming Conrad onto the couch, it's his favorite thing. And his little arm kind of got caught behind his back when he got slammed down... he starts holding it and crying (it was also right before his nap, he was already tired), but i couldn't tell if he was hurt-hurt So I waited to see if he would fall asleep. He was falling asleep in my arms as I rocked him for his nap, but then he'd wake up and scream, then fall back asleep, then wake up and scream, so I decided it was time to go to the doctor. We went to a pediatric quick care BUT THE DOCTOR DOESN'T SEE BABIES YOUNGER THAN 2 YEARS BEFORE 5:00 and it was 1:00! So back in the car we went. The next hospital DIDN'T TAKE MY INSURANCE, AND THE NEXT HOSPITAL DIDN'T HAVE A SINGLE PARKING SPOT! By that point I'm cursing, shaking and crying while Conrad slept peacefully in the back seat. I take a deep breath and we drive back home to wait until the first Dr. can see him at 5. He was kind of favoring his arm and not wanting to use it, but not necessarily in pain. Is it broken, is it sprained, will it have to be amputated? Who knows! All I know is, I suck!

Long story short, we didn't go to the Dr, and the next day he was chopping wood in half with his bare hands and doing ninja kicks and round houses-so all is good in the world. But I got a tough lesson on how rough I can play with him. I was just DREADING having to talk to CPS again and explaining to them why I harmed my child..... again. That conversation is probably the worst thing an accident prone mother will ever have to deal with.

Back to the topic of this post! I want to HURT him and kiss his face off!!!!
But not too much because going to the hospital sucks balls.

BUT MERMAN doesn't suck at all!
He's adorable and hilarious and I love him!
I just want to wrap him up so tight in this towel and laugh
and point and take pictures!
Merman is the best!

He really had a hard time getting out of that towel.
My abs suffered and cramped from laughing at him
trying to get out of that towel.

Good times.
{Have a good weekend dolls.}


  1. So glad little Merman's arm is well! Not sure how you get anything done with that sweet smile tempting you to play ALL DAY LONG?

  2. Oh goodness gracious, woman. Yes, you have the most adorable child on the planet, and yes, even if he wasn't my child, I'd want to love him to death also. Love it. LOVE the pictures!!!


  3. Ahh yes. You are quite rough with the lil man. It's not like anything absurd, except that one time when you were like "OMG HE'S SO CUTE!" and then took a baseball bat and swung at his face. That was a little overkill. But I understand, he's super adorable.

    In case CPS has bookmarked your blog, I was just kidding about the baseball bat...

    Love you guys.

  4. What a wonderful face to greet each day

  5. Your posts always have just the right amount of humor, in all the right places. I love your blog.

  6. It's so fun to read your posts about him...because I am feeling the same things about my Bubba but the way say it is so PERFECT!

  7. Such a cute little morning face. You must ALWAYS be in the best of moods when you see him in the morning!!

  8. hahaha....i love your updates. you always make me laugh. little conrad is so adorable and don't worry about the walking...he will start when he's ready! i remember stressing that Olivia would NEVER crawl and she eventually did at 10 months...and then i wondered why i was ever in a hurry for it to happen! haha

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one that is kind of rough with my kids. August is pretty rough though when she plays so I forget sometimes that she's not even one yet. I remember with my older son worrying that the pediatrician would call CPS because he was always bruised and at 7 he is still that way. And I totally feel the same way about kissing their faces off or pinching them because they are so damn cute!

  10. Jimmy wrestles with P too and crushed her arm under his body one night. Then one night bent her wrist I hurt her arm one day too. We forget how tiny and fragile they are I think. But, the good thing is they bounce back fast...faster then we as adults would anyway.

  11. I LOVE Merman! So cute! Love your photos and am the newest follower of your adorable blog!

  12. My husband has to pry me away from Jack before I hurt him because I want to bite, squeeze and SQUEEZE him until he pops! I can't help it. I find I'm often scolded like a puppy-

    "NO! Don't bite the baby! He is people!"