Tuesday, June 15

Twihard Forever!

I thought I'd post a photo of myself with my boyfriends.....

Conversation with my 19 year old brother in law over lunch yesterday:

Me: Did you see my invite on FB for my New Moon party?
Cameron: WHAT?  How old are you? 
(insert disgusted-you're incredibly lame-face) 
Me: Shut up! It's cool. YOU'RE lame!
Cameron: You know, my girlfriend hasn't even seen or read ANY of that Twilight crap!
(insert 'my girlfriend and I are way too cool for you' look on his face)
Me: I think the books are fun to read..... 
(I guiltily look down at my plate and push some food around trying to figure out what to say to defend my really REALLY unhealthy obsession with vampire related entertainment....)
Cameron: I don't get the whole vampire thing. Why would ANYONE think a skinny, un-muscular, pale guy (with hairy nips) is hot?! AND the whole werewolf thing? OK, so If Bella and Jacob were doing it, WHAT IF HE MORPHED?! That's some serious bestiality action right there! It's gross. 

I chock on my smoothie and spit half of it out laughing my ass of at my Hilarius brother in law.


My mind is exploding. 
I don't know what to think....

SO anyway. I'm throwing the biggest twilight party of your life the Saturday before Eclipse comes out! There's nothing like a bunch of grown woman feeling like they're 13 again, celebrating our really REALLY unhealthy obsession with vampires! 


  1. I think your party sounds funny, but what he said is HILARIOUS! and that is true... good thing they dont end up together so they wont!

  2. This is hilarious! Love the photo. Your boyfriends look familiar . . . :)


  3. haha that would be a great party, I would go. Love the pic!

  4. Wish I could be there!

  5. One time when my husband and I were doing it, he asked "are you pretending I'm a werewolf right now?" and I could NOT stop laughing.

    I so wish I could come to your party.

  6. I just laughed out loud. That is so funny! And I love that pic!! ahh!

  7. hahaha that is awesome, I would so go to something like that! Have fun!

  8. that is so funny. i've never thought about it like that!!! hahaha...

  9. Haha, I still don't get the whole Twilight thing, but then again, the most I've seen of it is one trailer when I saw Robin Hood. Hope you have fun though! And don't forget to answer my weekly running question for a chance to be my next featured runner :)

  10. You girls are funny.

    Yeah, it would never happen.... BUT WHAT IF?!

    :) I'm super excited for the movie, although they've given a lot of it away already...I'm glad there's a lot of fighting in Eclipse-it's going to be intense.

  11. i love this. that bil of yours is funny. your party sounds amazing! i love twilight. name one girl that doesn't...okay i know one girl.

  12. I absolutely love this photo - actually I'm jealous of it! I can't wait to see Eclipse! I want to go at midnight, but no one will go with me! haha ((I'm a freak!))

  13. Okay. THIS IS AWESOME. Seriously.

  14. I just saw this. Wow, that is funny! Hope the party is at least as awesome as the poster.