Friday, June 25

New Moon Party:

Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Nicki & myself                                            Candice & myself
         Vampire wine:                                                    Kristen & myself {rawr!}
Sarah and I wore our totally-awesome Twilight shirts. 
Mine had sparkling jewels on it to symbolize how Edward's skin sparkles in the day light....I wasn't sure if anyone would "get" it but Candice had the same idea with her shirt. Sarah is having a baby and naming her Isabella (not because of twilight, but because it's the only name she likes.) 

Her shirt says 
"I love Isabella"
Mine says
 "Edward's girlfriend"
(Not sure why I kept bulging my eyes out for every picture...)
Candice & I
Kasey, Kelli & Sofia trying to put their fangs in
Kristen & I.
My sister in law and her friend came. They love Twilight too. (they should, they're in middle school...)
we gathered to watch New Moon 
we wore plastic neon fangs 
we drooled all over the placed because of the fangs, which apparently cause you to drool...
we ate too many cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, egg rolls, and pizza. 
we made fun of Kristen Stewart during nearly every scene
we drank vampire wine and red punch to symbolize blood-DUH?!
we posed next to the actors or just posters of the actors... 
we taped tags on our faces with the names of the characters from the movie and tried to guess who we were by asking questions. I thought it would be fairly difficult, but didn't realize that people would probably look at the tags around the room and it would be more of a process of elimination game....

We had fun. 
    Eclipse is going to be epic. 


  1. I love you. Move here, please. We would have more fun than that. You may not think it's possible, but it is.

  2. this looks like SO much fun, i am jealous! i love how you did your table.


  3. Looks like SO much fun. I love the decorations. You always have the absolute best party ideas.


  4. Your party looked amazing! Wish I could have made it... It's always good to spend time with fellow Twihards!

  5. duuude yer so cute! i haven't seen most of the movies...or both or however many there are but this looks so fun. you little party planner!

  6. You're so COOL! The party looks like it was a blast.

  7. OMG!! This loooks like so much fun, you ladies are so cute.

  8. this is the best!!!!!!! I love this idea!!!

  9. Thanks for having me over, Chelsea. I had a lot of fun! :)

  10. Aww i'm bummed I couldn't make it! Looks like you did a great job though Chels!

  11. I have to post something on this blog, why? Well because I was there and it WAS awesome so I get to tell everyone else that Chelsea Robbins throws some BAD A parties. Thanks for all the fun!