Saturday, June 26

Weekly Surf:

I haven't been in the most "fashionable" mood lately. I've been dressing more for comfort, and to stay fairly cool in this Vegas heat than anything. But for a date night I had Dustin help me zip these shorts on and he was all "Where did you get these? I like these!" Which made me feel good of course. The thrift store! Duh! High waisted shorts are probably my fav. summer trend. With daily morning walks, park visits, and splashes in the water with the little man, I've been wearing lots of running shorts and old shirts. For dates though, It's fun to dress up.

Hope you all had a great week.

Here are a few links I loved this week:

a beautiful pregnant mommy in a fabulous 2 piece
is never a bad thing

Being a winner is so fun!


a fantastic way to serve ice cream


  1. Those shorts are so fabulous. I love high waisted shorts!
    - sweet compliments from the hubby always make the day go better. :]

  2. i LOVE those shorts.
    you look so adorable.
    this is such a perfect outfit doll.<3

  3. cuuuuuute shorts! you look great!

  4. i loooove rockstar diaries, i can't believe you won!

  5. oh, and you look stunning, AND i want to just sit and chat with you all day AAAAANNNND, This, my friend, is the best way to serve ice cream!/album.php?aid=17919&id=110390655652233 [via my favorite photographer ever.

  6. that polaroid photo board is awesome! thanks for the link

  7. mmm...i can't wait to get back into some cute shorts when this baby pops out!

  8. I just came across your blog & it's so adorable! You have great style, and such a beautiful family - your son is seriously the cutest 'baby bird' I've ever seen! Too cute.

  9. oh, YOU! i saw that you won rockstar's giveaway! you lucky ducky, you. that dress looks like it would belong to you anyways. pshh. whatever.


  10. Congrats on the dress win! Such fun.

    Aaaand your shorts are adorable.