Tuesday, June 22

Decor Cravings

I've been on this insane decorating rampage where I want to paint everything in sight and search every design and decor blog known to man. This week I found an amazing couch and the most incredible blue cabinets in the whole wide world.
One day I'll go nuts when we own.... One day! 
To get my fix, I painted some old mirrors! I needed some COLOR in my life! 

(our old place. This was me 6 months pregnant...)
I toned it down with only 3 instead of five...
These little gems were purchased for less than $15 bucks all together
at various thrift stores and yard sales, you know how we do.
They were once black and gold, and now they are yellow. 

I can't decide. Are they school bus yellow OR macaroni and cheese yellow? 

I can't get over that pink couch and those blue cabinets. 
Every time I look at those cabinets, my mouth waters. 
How can a color do that?! It really does though. 


  1. Ugh...drooool! The couch! The cabinets! The mirrors!

    Also, I think your mirrors are what's known as Friggin' Awesomesauce Yellow.

  2. Dude, awesome sauce! You're so cute! That's what I say too!

    I know. Do you ever watch 9 by design. that show is addicting.

  3. I love it ALL. The couch with the green wall...drool!

  4. Love the mirrors and the little blue table, oh, and the cabinets are a given!

  5. french's mustard yellow.

  6. Which is a GOOD thing. ;)

  7. I'm obsessed with that color blue also! And I love the yellow mirrors!

  8. Jessica, I smiled when I read your comment. you're too funny! ~

  9. That couch is AWESOME! Oh my gosh!

    Love those mirrors - I'd say they're school bus yellow myself.

  10. Oh my goodness I'm in love with that pink couch!!! I want it like yesterday!!! Your yellow mirrors are super cute too!!

  11. school bus yellow, for sure :)

    I'm getting the painting itch, too...though my husband is a little less inclined to let me go crazy.

    And those cabinets are AWESOME!

  12. I like the yellow- it is cheery and I agree that cabinet looks amazing. You could totally recreate an itty bitty version with your big brown bookcase in the office:)

  13. I've been looking at that book case for about a year now wanting to do something with it. The thought of sanding that monster down seems so daunting to me.

    I need like 20 little gnomes with lots of electric sanders to come and get it done for me in one weekend. that would be awesome.

  14. i love those mirrors. lots and lots.
    good graish.
    i'm craving mac&cheese.

  15. Chelsea..i feel ya sister. i have the paint bug bad. im the kind of painter that has to start and finish all in one day though..i dont like lingering projects and i just hate the thought of starting and then having to stop to entertain little Jude. maybe i will get the nerve up to conquer that impatient quirk and just do it. your mirrors are wonderful ...yellow..my all time favorite color

  16. Macaroni yellow for sure. I love the yellow mirrors! Amazing vintage finds indeed. Paint more please! And do share.


  17. Your house is adorable girl! I love love love your taste. I vote school bus yellow. and i WANT that couch.

  18. love the yellow frames!! my vote is for school bus yellow - so fun!

    and thanks for your comment. i know just how your teacher friend feels. it's way more fun working with kids in therapy than having 30 at a time every day. ack! do you have any posts on here from your thailand trip? i would love to hear all about it!

  19. SIGH...one day i will own a home too and i can try my hand at all this awesome design stuff. i crave it! can't wait!!

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  21. You did great with the yellow... color can really change the look and the feel of an object. You inspired me to paint some of my frames now.