Thursday, May 27

Weekly Surf:

The man of many bath time faces:

this song was on my running mix this week

loving these baby portraits

(this girls got amazing taste)

I'd love an indoor swing for those days when it's yucky outside

I'm LOVING these ideas and photos!
I love both of the dresses she wore.....

oh how I long to have sand up my butt...
We need a vacation!

was perplexed, mind was blown & felt completely alive
this week reading this with my hubby

Again, I REALLY love this blogger

{Tonight consisted of Vampire Diaries, hand massages and chicken enchiladas. This week has been LONG-too long with 4:30am-6:30pm work days for Dustin and anything i could add right ______ to complain about (that doesn't even compare to how sucky his week was compared to mine. Mine was a mere cake walk). Thank God for 3 day weekends. I felt an overwhelming sense of us "clinging" onto each other as if the Titanic were sinking and we were both screaming to our pitiful demise this week. BUT TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY! And God's GRACE is sufficient and blah blah blah..... That's why HE is a lamp to our feet and not a spot light showing the entire path. If He were a spot light, we wouldn't have to go to him for anything because we would already know what is ahead. I get it. I literally said to Dustin tonight, "Chill out! You're not at work anymore. Take a deep breath!" As he relived every bad memory of his week and every construction worker he had to tear a new ass hole and how the world hates him and how broke we are and yatta yatta yatta! BUT, Home is where you come to recharge and get your energy back so you can go and conquer another day!
And God is good, so quitcherbitchen' Chelsea!}

{Have a great weekend Dolls}


  1. That really is the sweetest complement in the world. Thank you. Sometimes, it is extremely nice to hear such kind words.

    You're a sweetheart Mara.
    Thanks for making me smile.

  2. Such a cute post... Love the C on the head~

  3. His eyes are the most amazing shade of blue!! Those are great pictures.

  4. that 3rd picture just made me LOL...for real! ha...

    and sounds like your life is mimicking mine right husband is up at 4:30 in the morning and most nights doesn't get home until almost 7. it makes for a very VERY long week. by the time he gets home all i want to do is hibernate in some quiet while he gives olivia her's hard for me to remember that his days are even longer and harder than mine! and i constantly find myself saying "it's okay zac...the day is over now!" haha...sheesh...don't you wish you could just win the lottery sometimes and move to some awesome far off island and not worry about anything anymore except lounging on a beach and drinking out of coconuts?!?!?!!

  5. What a stunning little boy!

  6. gosh, what an amazing picture
    i do love the baby in bath :)
    you are great :)

  7. Anonymous28 May, 2010

    Super cute photos, the C on the forehead is awesome! He looks so much like you it's not even funny. He has your mouth and eyes! darling he is, Clover is now asking me to give her a bath "BAT BAT" it's a little early for mommy to do that.

  8. wow your son's eyes are absolutely breathtaking. what precious pictures!

    and yes, thank you Jesus for three day weekends! :)

    {ps. as a runner, i'd love your input on my most recent post!! thanks! :D }

  9. WOW-Chelsea, these bath photos of Lil Conrad are seriously AWESOME and TOO CUTE! Your photgraphy just keeps getting better and better. I start my day looking at your blog at work, and these pics just make me LOL and smile at this little dude. It looks like Conrad's saying, "You know I look like such a dork with this "C" on my forehead Mommy!?! ha-hah-ha And I agree, he SOoooo looks like you. Blue-Blue eyes and beautiful. Love ya Sweetie

  10. The pictures are incredible! I agree with Mara -- they are top notch! He has such gorgeous eyes!

  11. Well hello Thank you SO much for your sweet comment over at my blog! You are the adorable one, I love your sense of style! I'm your newest follower. have a fun weekend... XOXO

  12. Heeee, the C on his forehead.

  13. i just love your weekly surfs! you totally got me hooked on the worst missionary blog too. so fun to read. oh, & your boy? he's making me drool. i want a boy just like him :) someday. hope you have a nice wkend & a better wk, chelsea!

  14. hmmm this looks like your newer blog. amazing pics! i love the one with the "C"!

  15. baby model baby model!

  16. Thank you so much for your comment, your blog is seriously cute and I am following now!


  17. ha ha ha what a cutie! These images are amazing! You are quite talented with that handy camera of yours.


  18. his eyes are so beautiful.
    you take breathing photos.<3

  19. those pictures are AWESOME. i have seen those mapplethorne (sp?) pictures around the blogosphere and before i even saw your link to him, i thought they reminded me of his!

  20. He's such a monkey man. Cuteness