Tuesday, May 25

Purple, red, & black {love}

Dressed down with a "Love" tee shirt and white sandals:
(for a sushi dinner date with my pal Nicky)
I am wearing:
Skirt: Vintage thrifted ($1.50)
(Dustin says this is his favorite skirt)
Shirt: Target?
Shoes: Victoria Secret
Jacket: F21

I think it would look just as nice a few inches shorter?

Dressed up with a ruffly top: (Ann Taylor)
and black heels: (Doll House)
(worn for church)

Conrad says "Shoes! Shoes!" although he HATES wearing them.
(Yes, I wore the same skirt twice in one weekend....)

I seriously need a spray tan or something. 


  1. You look way cute! Love love love the vintage skirt.

  2. Nice outfits!

    Conrad is absolutely adorable :)

  3. i cant believe how much your little conrad and my little jude look alike..they even have the same shirt. im gonna take a picture of jude in that shirt tomorrow and post it for you to see.

    i love all your vintage outfits..you look so lovely

  4. Anonymous26 May, 2010

    hello, such cute style of yours! love it! thanks for stopping by! will stay in touch! you little boy is adorable! all the best to you guys!

    and woohoo Vegas! didn't make it yet there! but hope i will eventually!

    dearest greets!


  5. one: come be my stylist. you are always looking stunning.

    two: mmm...sushi....!!!!!!

  6. I love both looks! Have you ever tried "stitch witchery" to hem anything? I tried it for the first time last night on a skirt and it turned out great!

  7. Love the outfits and love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine yesterday! I am happy to know another blogger named Chelsea! :)

    PS - I wrote all about spray tans today on my blog. LOL.

  8. Oh I like it!! I just thrifted a similar skirt but its green and blue but the same pattern. I always way the same thing a few different days in a row ha. When we like it we like it!! Thanks for the nice comment!


  9. Wow, you are very beautiful and your looks are really great! And Conrad is very very very charming!

  10. The purple top is so lovely... and I love your skirt. xoxo

  11. cute! i can never seem to pull off the high skirt look, put you do it well!

  12. Awesome blog!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. ; )

  13. $1.50 for a skirt? FABULOUS!! Don't you just love getting a great deal? I almost love the piece so much more when I do ;-)

  14. You are so cute I can't stand it! Lol. I need you to take me clothes shopping I really need so new stuff!

  15. deal on the skirt, cute shoes and we don't even have a victoria's secret out here. i didn't go much...only when i'd get one of those *free panty* cards.

  16. I think the shoes are Colin Stewart for Victorias Secret or something. I have another pair and I've worn the crap out of them, they're so cheap and comfortable. perfect for summer. I ordered them from the catalog 2 summers ago. thanks Katie. I like VS but their bras and panties never fit me right.

    Yeah, the good will that I go to has a lot of their skirts for 2.99 and when they do like orange tags half off of for 99cents, I get lucky sometimes.

    Thanks Ladies.

  17. Oooo can I have that purple ruffle top? I love it so much! You look gorgeous.


  18. You have fashion, lady. You make me want to go to local thrift stores and dig.

    And your last comment made me giggle. It really is comical how we get so tore up about the small things with the babies. But in all reality, I get a little less concerned with the textbook idea of being a mother every single day. Can't wait to see how my posts are in a few years. Much more laid back, I'm sure. Because it's a learning experience for me as well! :-)

    Story blew Conrad a kiss just now. hehe

  19. This purple ruffley top looks very familiar to me (ha-haha) And I love your purple and red skirt. I may just have to borrow this from your closet, Chels. The reds lipstick sets it all off perfect-o
    p.s. I'd love a night of sushi with you too!!! Love Ya, Sweetie


    I am your newest follower! :) I am a NEW mommy as well! I have a 9 month old! :) & an amazing husband!

  21. Love your style. You should style folks :)

  22. i love that purple top.
    you did amazing things with that skirt!<3

  23. your fashion sense is AMAZING, as if you don't hear that enough ;)
    and jude has that same shirt conrad is wearing :)

  24. Ah, you're too sweet. It's crazy, i had a birthday dinner to go to last night and i wore a top with a skirt and i kept thinking "i hope i wont be over dressed in this skirt!" but the truth is, most of the days, i'm wearing running shorts and a tee shirt with my hair tangled in a bun and no make up, so if there's every a chance to get fancy, i take it!

    thanks for the sweet words. you're a doll.