Friday, May 14

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Things that make me terribly happy:
My husband swinging our son upside-down like a pendulum
while my son giggles his face off!

Despite our son waking up every night shrieking in pain, this week has been a great week.
Have I mentioned that teething sucks?!.....
Last night our son had to "cry it out" (because daddy is a very mean daddy....) and by the time I gave up on letting him "cry it out" he had gotten so worked up that his crib was covered in little splatters of brown-cupcake-barf (Conrad didn't do a very good job of hiding the evidence by barfing it up! Dustin gets on my case a lot for indulging in sweets with our son!) SOoooo, we cleaned him up, and immediately gave him some pain meds to which he collapsed in his Dustin's arms and went to sleep! And then I got a talking to about the cupcake. Ooopsies. (I thought the screaming would eventually stop and he'd get worn out-but it went on for a good while which resulted in barf-art! Note to self, If your kid screams and hits his head repeatedly against the wall, he probably needs some Tylenol because his teeth hurt!) Anyway. Teething really bites!

Get your surf on:

Some rad photos of Conrad's favorite thing in the world

swagger wagon
(Amanda sent me this video this week.
Apparently, this is Dustin & I....)

Something to make you laugh
(note the "Desitin twins")

Inspired to rock what I got, like Marilyn did

here is the recipe for the cupcakes we made this week
(Add 2 cups of chocolate chips to batter!)

the latest on my photo blog

inspired by this art wall

Did you see the finale of Vampire Diaries?! Thoughts?!

Conrad showing off his pearly whites:
Have a great weekend!


  1. so i love how the twins are BACK in their crib...

  2. Anonymous14 May, 2010

    So cute! I know, teething is hell! Last night Clover woke up screaming crying and hitting her jaw over and over. It took a while for the tylenol to set in. I'm sooo tired. Also I notice everytime Clover is spoiled with sweets "I blame all the grandma's and aunts" anyhow, she just doesn't seem herself. So I try to stay far away from sweets as possible. It's hard bc I love sweets and I sometimes can't help but give her a little taste.

  3. At first I was thinking that maybe he got sick because of the cupcake (he had a pretty minimal amount) but the throw up wasn't in one little pile, it was kind of all over....I think he just got really worked up. My mother in law has told me that she gave him a spoonful of icing once-grandmas love to give them sugar! I'm just as bad though. I don't worry too much about the sweets-he eats like a champ most of the time and loves "healthy" food.

    Teething is the worst. I always think he's got an ear infection because he bats at his ears when he's teething and his little fingers are nibbled raw from gnawing on them. Poor babies!

  4. Ughhhh!! i HATE teething...horrible. the molars are the WORST.

    and olivia doesn't get to many sweets at home but when we get to grandma's house she is spoiled rotten. the way i see it, as long as they are still eating the healthy stuff a treat once in awhile won't hurt :)

  5. Teething is wretched!

    Don't feel too guilty about the sweets...I have turned Story into an emotional eater. Whenever I get some chocolate, she splurges too!

  6. Teething sucks... soo bad...

    And... Vampire Diaries!!! Aaaahhhh!!!! It was crazy. I think Damon totally knew it was Katherine after he kissed her. At first he thought it was Elena and then HE KNEW. That was crazy. And the chopping off of the fingers was crazy. I honestly didn't see that coming. And also don't you think the mayor and his son are werewolves?! Crazy season finale. Can't believe we have to wait until September for season 2.

  7. Erin, I was having my usual "VD" night with the ladies, and my friend heather (who I text with throughout the whole show if we don't watch it together) totally predicted the werewolf thing like 5 episodes ago! AND, Catherine is such a hooker! I can't believe how EVIL she is! No wonder her and Isabel are such good freinds. I have a feeling that Elena's brother is going to be a bad vampire-against Elena, and he's going to side with catherine at some point, and Damon is going to be torn between E & C and theres going to be a lot of crazy love triangles and killings going on next season. It's going to be B-ananas! I can't wait.

    I started screaming and cursing when she cut his fingers off-i went nuts. It was SO good. I'm glad you're a fan too so we love VD together!

  8. OMG, that is TOTALLY you and Dustin...hilarious.