Thursday, May 13

Summer Trends:

Orange & Fishtails

What I'm wearing:
Skirt: Vintage thrifted ($1.50)
Shorts: Gap thrifted (3.99)
Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Thrifted
Snake skin gladiator heels: Moms's closet
When I'm not busy saving the world, fighting crime, & being a mommy,
I like to sit in a hot bath and read fashion mags.
Apparently Orange is a hot color this summer, so when I found these two
pieces, I was excited (especially since they were inexpensive).
It was hard to find a top to go with such bright colors,
but I found a floral print at H&M for less than 10$ and was sold.
I feel a little eighties-ed out in these outfits, but they're fun, so whatevs.

*The shorts are super high waisted so I have to make sure they don't
creep up too much resulting in really embarrassing camel toes and such.

I tried to do an orange lipstick that matched the outfits,
but i felt like neon orange lip stick was a bit much.

Other summer trends:
Fishtail braids
loving these looks & these looks


  1. You are totally 80's out--- and I love it!

  2. I love it all! great finds :)

  3. Oddly, I don't think 80's so much as Ann Margaret in an Elvis movie, in Hawaii in the late 50's. I think it's absolutely lovely, and your legs are killer!

  4. dude cute fishtail! wish i could do that.

    LOVE the outfit & heels especially.

    (i am also a bathaholic.)

  5. my goodness! Those legs! You look fab, lady!

  6. I wanna fishtail! Is my hair long enough??

  7. Oooh, SUCH a flattering outfit! You look so great! Good to know it's thrifty too.

    I LOVE fishtail braids! You're so lucky you have the long hair to do that on (p.s. speaking of your lovely hair, I commented back to your earlier comment on my blog.... I never know if it'll notify people or not).

    So, you're probably right about the neon lipstick but I'm loving the color of you went with, what did you use?

  8. UM OBSESSED with your outfit!

  9. You're such a yummy mummy! Looking good!

  10. Love the fishtail! I haven't tried that in so long but I think my hair is finally long enough! Thanks for the inspiration :) Great outfit too, it's a perfect summer look!

  11. i LOVE the orange skirt and the braid. you look fabulous!

  12. oh how i miss wearing high wasted shorts!!!!
    my belly is growing to big for them.
    the long, maxi dress is going to be my thing all summer long!

  13. seriously i want to shop your it! i am taking a gals trip to vegas next month and when i get there the first thing i want to do is shop the 2nd hand stores...obvi they are amazing!

  14. Seriously. Amazing. I am so happy to have found a blog with outfits found super super cheap. Where do you thrift??

  15. My fav. places are Goodwill and savers.

    Thanks Doll! cheap and cute are my bff's