Tuesday, May 11

Weekend In Photos:

My mothers day weekend involved a picnic at the park (where we witnessed a couple dropping F bombs, the lady slapped the guy in his face, and I got yelled at twice for staring), guiltless cup cake eating, New Moon & The Note Book watching, runs with my new navigation watch and pink pepper spray (Dustin didn't get me the taser....I got pepper spray instead. 
I just really want to tase someone just once in my life time....Is that bad?!) 
and enjoying dinner at Casa Don Juan:
(note husband and son dressed in matching shirts.)
The couple in the photo are singing along with the mariachi guy (louder than the mariachi guy). 
They probably sang-I don't know....ten songs?! 
I thought they were quite charming actually, Conrad agreed. 
Right after this photo was taken, Conrad shat his pants. Shat went all down each pant leg and all over everything. That was his mothers day gift to me. I got up to change him when Dustin said "It's mothers day, I'll clean him up!!" But apparently there aren't changing tables in the men's bathroom!? 

A mother's Job is never done. 
 Husband making me coffee using a pink french press = perfection
I didn't realize how BIG the instax was. 
Can't wait to use this bad boy.
(Thanks Mom!)
Update on the binky: Conrad has had a stomach bug for about a week and a half now, which means he has been enjoying his binky. He literally threw up 11 times in 2 days.
 It was rough, but I think we're out of the woods now, and I'm ready to wean!

Hope you all had a wonderful-restful weekend. 


  1. uh oh!! more cameras!! maybe we need to have a camera party ;) bring em all out, and shoot at least a roll on each, could be fun! glad you had an awesome mother's day! you'll have to show off your french pressing skills for me!

  2. such adorable pictures! specially the last one... too cute :)

  3. Oh Lord-

    FRENCH PRESS/CAMERA/G-GIRLS PARTY?! maybe throw in a vampire or two? Haha!

    Yes, My camera collection is becoming vast. I'm glad you love cameras as much as I do.

    See you soon lady <3

  4. Those are the sweetest photos! I've always wondered if they had changing tables in men's rooms. That's too bad you had to do clean up!

  5. Your necklace is gorgeous - just like you, and the babe!

    Let's email again at the end of the week regarding YOU wearing my baubles. :)

  6. thanks for the lovely poop story.

    just got the mini instax. so jealous, i want the big one!

  7. what do you think of the mini? I was kind of bummed that I didn't get the mini because the one I have is MASSIVE, but they're both pretty amazing little toys.

    The film is kind of ridiculous.... but Whatevs. I love it!

    Getting excited for your wedding?!
    Post one of your shots with the mini! Is the camera actually the size of a credit card?

  8. yeah we're going to use it for our guestbook/photobooth thingie but will for sure use it for pretty pictures too.

    the photos (white bits included) are the size of a credit card and pretty good quality.

    the camera itself is such a wonky shape but it's way too cute. yours has to be huge. will post a shot soon. so excited ;)

  9. It's big, but I like it. I'm kind of obsessed with insta cameras at the moment.

    I need to buy a strap for it so I pimp it out and wear it all the time like flava-flav with his clocks!

    having it at your wedding is a genius idea!
    Your wedding is going to be incredible.

  10. looks like a lot of fun.
    precious baby! <3

  11. Duuuuude. The only thing worse than a kid having a blowout in a restaurant is a kid having a blowout in a restaurant that isn't mommy friendly. Thats so gay.

  12. Oh my gosh!!! YOU!!! You just crack me up! I feel like the funniest/craziest things happen to you and you are so great at capturing them in writing. I feel like I'm there with you! And I freaking love that you used the word, "shat"...

  13. Hi! I nominated you for an Honest Scrap award over at my blog! You probably have already gotten one (or several) but just in case....

  14. im a new follower...love your pictures and your lil guy is adorable!

  15. YOU are the CUTEST wife and mother with the most beautiful family. the end.

    i mean really really really! i want to play dress up in your closet :)