Monday, May 17

Weekend In Photos:

Gettin' down on some apricots:
Note man behind Conrad on towel, sun bathing in his super-short 
Dolce & Gabbana swim-booty shorts:
Dustin: "ChelSEA! STOP staring!"
Me: "I'm sorry! I just don't get it! Does he NOT think that D&G swim-suit-booty-shorts wouldn't 
cause a commotion?! For God sakes, could they BE any shorter?!"
Dustin: "Really? Do you have to stare every time he gets up?!"
Me: "Seriously, He's TOtally gay! It's like a car crash, I can't NOT look!"

I was trying to explain to Dustin that I wasn't checking the totally-gay-guy out at the pool, It was his attitude. "Look at him strut around this pool, bending over oh-so delicately to retrieve his tropical fruit cock tail from the waitress and shaking his hair back and forth as he gets out of the pool dripping wet in his D&G booty shorts! What an f-ing rock star! Who does this guy think he is!? Damn." 
I thought to myself, as Dustin watched me stare a hole through his D&G's.

Regardless, I've got a major staring problem. If it wasn't him, it was the 6'0 tall blond with the flattest stomach I've ever seen! I couldn't peel my eyes away from those hot ass abs if i tried! I just stare OK, and it's rude and whatever but it's just a thing I do. Take it or leave it. Anyway. 
(I WILL have the kind of confidence that Mr. booty shorts man had! I will!)
We had a great time at the pool, thanks to my super-amazingly-fast-runner/super tan-hot body/ Vampire Diaries loving friend Kacie who got us into the GVR pool Sat. (And we thank you kind friend.)
We enjoyed the heat, the water, and... apricots?!
Feeding apricots to mommy:
A congratulatory snuggle and laugh at himself for a job well done-feeding Mommy an apricot. 
I, Hardly able to smile with a mouthful of apricot was bursting at the seams. 
He is pure joy. 
He and Daddy played with some snakes and jellyfish....
What a restful weekend (I had). Dustin was up at the butt crack of dawn Sat. helping my sweet granny move. What a nice grand-son-in-law...Sunday we went to the driving range with my in laws and brother in law and Conrad walked! He's so big! 

Conrad is slowly giving up his "B". 
But he did however point to each dog on his PJ'S and loudly exclaim,
"DOG! DOG!" 
So give the kid a break, He's adorable. 
He can do whatever he darn-well pleases at this point!

His foot is lifted in the air because I said "Where's your toes!" Although I'm totally being ignored otherwise because Sponge Bob is on the TV..... rude. 

(Can't a mom brag a little?
Other babies his age are saying "Grandma" and doing calculus already, 
so I can get excited about his achievements!)


  1. he is such a little dollface.
    that looks amazing, i cant wait to go layout.<3

  2. he is so adorable!!

    and your photos are awesome! what kind of camera do you use?!?

    and i am the same way...i am a starer especially if you asking for it by wearing teeny tiny booty shorts!!!

  3. Thanks Brooke. The photos of us at the pool are taken with my canon point and shoot-power shot and the bottom pics are taken with my nikon.


  4. So cute!! This made me really want to do some pool lounging/fruit eating/booty short staring. I totally stare at amazing bods and teeny shorts too, that's what my shades are REALLY for, not eye protection but covert eyeballing.

  5. bahaaa! i just love your blog. you always have me rolling! i am such a stare-er (?!) too! it's bad. but good. but bad. & your kid is cute. so cute. you're right, he has permission to do whatever he wants :)

  6. I also can't-not stare at super goodlooking-tall older men. Every time I see one, I point him out to Dustin and say "That's you someday!"

    I'm not really "lusting" or "getting my rocks off" on these bods, but more like "giving people high fives for their hard work-high fives with my eyes!"

    Is that super duper creepy? Yes?
    ok, i'm going to work on not staring.

    There was NOTHING hot about the D&G guy, it was just impossible to not stare at his cheeks hanging out of his was SO distracting. But the hot blond on the other hand-she had it going on. She got a stare-high-five for sure. Nothing wrong with that?! <3

  7. Your hair looks darker then the other day? No? Maybe it's the light. Anyway, I LOVE the picture of Conrad laying on his side with his pacifier in the air. CUTE!!

  8. and your hair is brown!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!!?

  9. Oh, yeah-I had my fabulous hair girl Tricia color it darker. It really depends on the light though. Sometimes It looks lighter-sometimes darker.

    Thanks Tracy!

  10. hahaha, i love the last picture where he looks like he's just humoring you or something. sooo cute.
    and i love your hair darker, it looks great!

  11. I love the top photo - super duper cute! Your photographs are super gorgeous, and I love your photo site as well. :)

  12. AWWWWWWW Gorgeous- Gorgeous pictures!!!

  13. That last picture is too cute for words! Being a photographer and a parent is just a perfect combo.

  14. that last picture is insanely cute. the lil eyebrows raised and that foot in the air...adorable!

  15. the raised eye brows is a classic Conrad expression.