Saturday, May 22

Weekend In Photos:

We enjoyed a baby-less Saturday-and oh was it refreshing.
(At one point I said to Dustin, "What did we DO before the baby? We did NOTHING.
We never thought about nap times or teething....we just hung out. ALL THE TIME!")
We laid in bed and watched 6 episodes of it's always sunny in Philadelphia.

We went down town and ate some Chinese
(you know it's authentic when you're the only white people in the restaurant. I asked the very rude very busy Chinese woman who didn't have time to explain to me what a "hot pot" was and her response made me feel super-white and super-stupid.
"It's a HOT POT that sizzles!"
(while she walked away speaking profanities under her breath
"stupid white girl!What's a hot pot? Idiot!")
I am not exaggerating AT ALL. She really was that mean.
Authentic Chinese is NOTHING like Panda Express.

At one point, while struggling to pick up his curry pork with his chop sticks, Dustin threw them down on the table, waved our super nice waitress over and asked for a friggin' fork for god sakes (I'm white HELLO!). He then leans over the table and loudly whispers "That's why they're all so damn skinny! They eat with chop sticks!" He spends the next eight minutes going off and grumbling to himself, while the slender gentlemen next to us shovel rice into their faces grain by grain (they weren't white.)
And I just laughed at my adorable-overly dramatic husband who makes lunch at Chinese restaurants so much more fun.

We were under-whelmed by City Center
AND at the end of the day, we got our baby back from Grammy and
enjoyed some pizza and beer (and more it's always sunny episodes.)
Surprisingly, my husband allowed me to snap some photos of him during lunch.
I was rater happy to do so although he's not always gung-ho about it.
I also took some photos of the boys playing:
Waiting for Polaroids to develop is
probably one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

{How was your weekend?}


  1. Your new header is adorable, I am a sucker for those cute owlies!

    Also, we talk all the time about what we did before....what did we do?!

  2. yeah polaroids developing are pretty magical, foreal.

  3. Too funny about the mean waitress lady... been there :)

  4. Love the weekend in Photographs

  5. Seriously though, I can't eat with chopsticks either, haha. Who can?

  6. The pictures of the "men" playing are preccccccious!!!! A lovely way to follow a day alone.