Friday, May 21

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Our son is JUST like my husband, as far as personality goes. If he's around other babies, he likes to sit back and watch them rather then engaging, stealing toys, talking, moving, etc. He's a lump. Seriously. For a while I was sort of worried that my son would forever be an adorable-even kilter ed-carbon copy of Dustin and was sad that he had no traces of his mothers personality in him. This week he has turned a corner in proving me wrong. Maybe he IS more like me than I think?!  He's screaming, walking, pointing at the dogs on his pj's when we ask "Where's the dogs?!", shoving the whole head of the rubber duck in his mouth, spitting the duck out, and then pointing to it shouting "Duh-DUH!" (duck). He's been wrestling me on the couch and throwing his body into the pillows. He spent a good 15 mins going between Dustin and I squishing our noses when we asked him "Where's my nose?!" and then laughing at himself when we cheered him on and clapped for him. He's a crazy man! A ball of energy! A rebel! He's not the calm, sweet, reserved baby we once thought he was! 

This week we went to the water park to splash around. It was an impromptu stop after our errands, so we weren't prepared with towels and swim diapers, but didn't mind getting our clothes wet. I watched him squeal as the big kids ran past him and I watched him hit big puddles of water with his tiny hand and couldn't help but feel a huge sense of gratitude that I get to experience these precious times of my son exploring the world around him. 

I can't believe he's WALKING, and saying "Duh-duh" and giving so many unexpected hugs. 
If you haven't met him yet, please allow me to introduce you to 
Mr. Colander man:
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my blog header was created by this little lady
 My favorite part of the header is the logo. I love the calculator in Dustin's hand.
(go check her out)

{Have a great weekend}


  1. I LOVE HOW YOUR HEADER CAME OUT!! I WANT ONE!! love you hot stuff!

  2. Your new header looks terrific AND it sounds like your little one is a great combo of you and the hubby.

  3. v. cute! congratulations...wonder what kind of laugh he'll have? ;)

  4. Katie, that comment just made my day.

    you are super cute btw.


  5. CHELSEA!!! I LOVE, LOVE your so very cute header!!! I was so excited to see an update on Mr. Conrad. Clover loved his photos! She is obsessed with other little kids, thinks the greatest of them. He is truly darling!

  6. Yeah, one of my pics made it in ;) I'm a bad blogger, I'm so behind!

  7. your blog is too adorable! thanks for stopping by mine and leaving that sweet comment! look forward to reading more :)

  8. That header is too cute for words! I love your pretty feathers and Conrads blankie!

    I spit upon my header.

  9. Love your header! Love your blog! And YOUR son is just too cute. :)

  10. Oh, those impromptu moments..make everyday adventure. A great Header too.

  11. He's so cute. Love lil Radman (man sandwich)

  12. Just found your blog and loving it! Happy Sunday!