Sunday, May 23

Guest Fashionista: {Mom}

I've been thinking about "fashion" lately and thinking about why people wear what they wear and for what reasons. I would like to think that fashion is a means in which we express ourselves to the world. An outfit is a canvas-whether your canvas is expensive or cheap, plain or detailed, designer or target, what we put on our bodies is sort of an outward expression of what's going on in our hearts (in a sense). If I'm feeling low, It often times can be reflected in my appearance.

For the first six months of Conrad's life, I dealt with a bit of postpartum depression. Some days were harder than others, and most people had no idea that I was struggling to keep it together on the inside and outside. I wasn't taking much pride in how I presented myself and after a while, I was being buried under that sadness, self pity, and laziness. I credit running for getting me back on track physically and emotionally. I have gained so much from just getting my ass off the couch. I also credit my husbands sweet efforts to encourage me to take care of my body (pulling a comb through my hair, showering now and then, working my heart out so I don't keel over anytime soon, and loving the body I have today-honoring God by caring for it well. etc.) you get the idea.

But most days, I wear baggy jeans and a tee shirt (the "mommy uniform"). If I have somewhere important to be, I usually put more thought into how I want the world to view me. It feels nice when your pediatrician says "You always look so cute!" while I'm thinking "Oh yeah? I had smashed banana down the front of my tee shirt and my kid sneezed in my face during his snack, giving me an apple sauce facial before we came!" I sure fooled her! Ha! (And certainly, I have showed up to the ped's office with a head of greasy hair and no make up....)

I've always been a bit of a "tom boy" wearing my jeans a tee's. Recently though, I've come to realize how much my husband likes the girly-girl side of me and would prefer I wear skirts 24-7 (not happening honey)! I think a lot of moms will agree that now-a-days, a pedicure, a hair cut, or
putting on something pretty makes you feel like a million bucks
(it means more now than it did before) AND
US moms NEED to feel feminine after a day of hanging out with a baby.
We have the right to feeling pretty and I think we should. That's why I think of fashion as a sort of "hobby", that's why I love to play dress up and think of my clothes as "art" rather than just clothes.
It makes me feel pretty.

But enough about me, let me show you how cute this lady I know is:

She is wearing:
Necklaces: Express
Yellow leather sandals: DSW
Skirt & Top: Anthropologie

She has been eyeing this skirt forever now and it finally went on sale, so she used her gift card from Mother's day (I got my thrifty-clearance bug from her). Don't you just love when you get something that you've really been wanting....AND it's on sale?! Score!

Thanks for looking super adorable and for sharing your clothes with me!
You're such a little fashionista Mom!


  1. Love EVERYTHING YOU JUST WROTE! It does feel good to FEEL PRETTY and sometimes being a mommy, I can get in that rut of jeans and t's. I love getting ready and I truly believe all woman need to feel pretty. Your mama is a doll and such a fashionista, now I know wear you get your creativity.

  2. aww...what a great outfit!

    and you are so right...i feel like a million bucks after a manicure.'s the little things ;)

  3. Your mama looks amazing!!!

    Do you think exercising helps gets you outta the no-mommy to mommy phase? My sons 3 months and I feel like I'm going bonkers.

  4. Wowsa; love the new header! Looks so great; and your mom is gorgeous and so fashiony!!!


  5. I have the most beautiful daughter. Doesn't she look GREAT!!
    love you bunches honey

  6. What a cute outfit!! I LOveeeeeee yellow and I'm always happy to see people wearing yellow. It's such a great color!

  7. Totally know where you are coming with the postpartum thing, It it so great that you have God and family to encourage you and love you! Cute Mama!

  8. cute cute cute! your mom is darling! and so stylish. i love your blog. you are darling!

    thanks for commenting on mine!

  9. wow, your mom looks so young, and her style is so fun and modern!

  10. This post makes me really happy!

  11. You have to have great skills if you wear jeans and a t-shirt and still get compliments. I can imagine comfort would be no. 1 when/if I become a mom!

    Your mom is adorable btw and oh sale prices on wishlist items are sweet!

    p.s. I'd totally go with you! Short, white dress on a beach if I got married again!
    Glad I found your blog and thanks for stopping by. I'm your newest follower and hope to see you again soon!

  12. Chels, you were so sweet to take my picture that morning. And Thank You to all the girls for all your sweet comments. I enjoy dressing up in a skirt I've coveted' from Anthro. I'll even go as far as to hide my size somewhere in the store until I can swing that awesome top or dress. Ha-hah; But trading in my clothes and getting super bargains at Buffalo Exchange is lots of fun too!!! I've taken to heart alot of my fashion daughters suggestions over the years too. She's a pretty awesome stylist herself, and Sooooo darn cute in just anything she puts on. love ya sweetie

  13. I seriously think my mom would make the BEST stylist.

    she could find something at a garage sale, or thrift store and make it look like a million bucks

    love you mom.
    I think I just might have to feature you many more times-you always look darling when you come over and then I end up borrowing them (you have such great taste!)