Thursday, April 1

Spring Fashion Week: Thursday

Conrad is wearing his owl sweater one last time, and looking
overly excited to be doing so.....
and I am wearing boots for the last time before it gets too blazing hot!

I am wearing:
Purple, sparkly ring: From my Granny a few years back
V-neck mustard shirt and knee highs- Target
Cardigan- Anthropologie
Gold belt- Old Navy
Skirt- American Eagle
(I shortened it myself and like the frayed look)
Boots- Kenneth Cole

It's freezing out today, surprisingly which is why socks and boots are appropriate. We have much to do today: Shopping, paying bills, play date/panini making at Sofia's, meeting with a financial advisor, and most importantly........IT'S VAMPIRE THURSDAYS Y'ALL! Woot woot! It shall be a glorious night of wine, dessert, Vampire Diaries and the ladies at my house.


  1. Okay, you always look so dang cute.

    And you watch Vampire Diaries!?! How good was last weeks episode??? Sooo intense!

  2. Here's what I've decided after visiting your blog for the first time... I think you are cool.
    I love the outfits, I think your photography is fantastic AND you're funny to boot.


  3. First of all Erin, i was looking at your blog today thinking to myself "man, if only we lived in the same state, we would SO hang out!" and we'd SO watch VD together..... Last week was BANANAS! It's sooooo good. My poor husband was sitting next to me trying to ask me questions about what was going on as he peeked up from time to time while doing calculations and whatnot (he took work home) anyway- I was like "Shhhhush!" That is the type of show you can ONLY watch with ladies- It's way too good.

    And Thank you Molly, that is super nice of you to say! Have a good Thursday dolls. Why does it feel like it's friday??! Ugh!

  4. Conrad is such a cutie! And I am coveting his owl sweater - both for my son and for myself!

    I love your blog, your photos and your style. So much style everywhere!

  5. Ya we totally would hang out! Run together and watch VD together! And yes, it's definitely a show you watch with the girls. My sister in law and I watch it together and we're totally silent the whole time. I look forward to Thursdays all week!

  6. Ooooooh, I love stripes with florals! AND my favorite combo is yellow and gray/black. Dang. You win my favorite outfit for the day.

  7. OH MY! Where is that Owl sweater from? I am an owl collector (my grandma collected owls and when she passed away I inherited quite the collection and have been adding too it for a couple of years now). That sweater is so lovely and brings tears to my eyes. Please please let me know where it is from!

  8. Such a pretty artsy hip outfit!

    I agree with Molly....

    Great photography!

  9. chels! you're so gorgeous! i need your tips! love your boots and the whole outfit and conrad is the cutest!

  10. I got the sweater at target on sale last year, and got the material and buttons at hancock fabricks- it's actually an owl patch that I added my own touches to to make it cute- I added the beak, they eyes and the elbow patches and the backing to the owl. Thank you. If we have a girl next, she will be wearing this sweater for sure.

    Thanks ladies.

    Tips? I don't know....I just wear what's comfortable and try to think outside the box a little and from time to time I put together something cute. Cheap! That's my tip! Go to the thrift store and sale racks and have fun. It's just been recently that I've been really into shorts and short skirts. Having my body back makes me want to wear my old clothes again.

    Thanks Ladies!

    PS: Team Stephan forever! xoxo

  11. The little guy looks so cute!!

    I thought we were gonna be on spring mode from here on out last week, but we got cold again! I hope it doesnt yo yo for much longer (I live in Vegas and it just keeps getting hotter and hotter until you want to die)

  12. Cutie! I love all your fun colors and layers!

  13. ummmm i pretty much adore that outfit! Love! :-) i love how it is a bunch of adorable things all put together to make a perfect little outfit! :-)

  14. LOVE your little mans Owl sweater, darling! Your outfit is so fantastic, those boots are killer!
    Yay for Vampire Thursday! That show is TOTALLY my guilty pleasure!

  15. I want this outfit it is so good! and baby is adorable as well :)

  16. This is such a wonderful combination - I love the whole look. And especially that cool big ring from your grandma. I will have to got to Target and find some of those cute knee highs.

  17. The flower in your hair is perfect. And you boy, oh man is he adorable. The owl sweater...TOO CUTE!!!