Wednesday, March 31

Spring Fashion Week: Wednesday

(better late than never....)
(no, my fly is not down. It's just frayed)

(This was my "dirty hippy" look.
Everyone has a dirty hippy day every once in a while.
Don't you judge me!)

I am wearing:
Jeans: Hollister (They're super worn in and comfy AND
Yes, I personalized them myself.
They're from high school people, don't make fun!)
Pink button-up- Polo-thrifted
Sandals- Old navy
Head band- made by me

Today was a super emotionally draining day-but a wonderful day. I got a call around 8:00am and drove my friend to the hospital to get a little look-see at her baby. She was crying, I was crying, it was one of those days! I was not wearing the outfit pictured above, but a ratty old shirt and gross jeans with food on them-I'm real hot folks (I'm surprised I remembered a bra!). Conrad was in his jam jam's (without socks or shoes). We looked like a couple of hill billy's and I got more than I bargained for in the waiting room from the expectant mothers and their judgmental stares. In my head I was saying "You just wait ladies, You just wait!!! You too will jet out of the house with your kid half dressed!"

Thankfully....{because God is so good and whatnot} I had my faithful prayer warriors praying for "the bean" and after a 3 hour wait and a teary glimpse into my bff's womb, the doc said all is well! This is my friends second pregnancy, the first baby is hanging out with Jesus getting snuggled. Since the first baby got a straight shot right to heaven, it seems my perspective on pregnancy has changed. I began an incredible journey of praying for this baby when I found out she was pregnant again. Praying like I've never done before, wanting this baby so badly for my friend, so every week of my friends pregnancy, has been nothing short of miraculous. I never prayed for my own baby like I pray for hers, it's crazy. My heart is mush, I am in awe of God's mercy and grace, and I'm being reminded that nothing exists outside of his sovereignty.

I was realizing today how much I love this {14 week} old baby. He is so dear to me already, and I was reminded today by one of my prayer warriors, that Jesus loves this baby so much more and the plans he has for this baby would make my head explode if I could even imagine for even one second what God is going to do with this child.

that being said....
I look super tired in this picture because I am.
I was an emotional basket case today
and I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else in the world but there with my friend,
watching her baby's sweet, delicate, precious spine moving and legs kicking!

What a sweet memory I have.
Anyway, I got home, looked at myself in the mirror
and realized I was meeting with a client later and needed to
not look like I just stepped off of the Jerry Springer show.

(you know when you have greasy bangs and you didn't put on a head band
or bobby pins to get those suckers down and they just pop up everywhere
and stick up all weird?
That's what I was working with today. It was not cute.)

(Just now as I'm doing this post, Dustin comes into the office
to tell me he's going to the gym.
He likes to roll his socks up and put them on his ears and it cracks me up.
I begged him for one picture of it, just one! He obliged:

SUCKER! As he walks out of the office he's all
"That better not end up on the blog!"

Don't act like you don't think I won't post it....Shoot.)


  1. ummm that outfit is adorable! so comfy! you made that headband?!?! ummm i want one! hehe!!!

  2. Very cute hippyness. And may I say that I want your desk. Wow.

  3. My heart aches just hearing about it...I've had 6 pregnancies and 3 miscarriages. I will pray that all goes well for her this time too! What a good friend she has!

    Oh...and just the fact that you can FIT into jeans from high rock. I think mine might be close to fitting my DAUGHTER. After 3 kids, some things just aren't goin' back...but that's okay...I got the kiddos to show for it! I wouldn't give that up for anything!

  4. Nicely played Chelsea Robbins ;) and sadly that reminded me of friends: Phoebe and joey are playing rock paper scissors, joey does fire, beats everything?!! then phoebe goes but does it beat water balloon?? ka-shh(sound effect), and joey goes "nicely played phoebe buffet" and that is how EVERTHING in life can bring you back to a moment of FRIENDS!!

  5. Fun outfit, love the headband. Also touched by what is going on in your heart. I pray that the miracles only multiply from here!

  6. loooove the outfit! and i hear you on the emotions thing, sometimes being a woman is hard!

  7. Nix, I watched friends tonight (the episode where monica and pheobe do the catering business...I know you know that episode. And ross is dating the girl with the really gross apartment....) anyway. I was thinking about you because you love Friends. THANK YOU for coming over today and playing with Conrad so I could work-AND for bringing me a cupcake. You rock.

    Jess-wow, i had no idea. And you have 3 beautiful kiddos now! What a blessing to have those wonderful rugrats. I'm very excited We get to hang in a few weeks.

    Thanks guys for your prayers and love.

    ps, i credit running for fitting into the jeans.

  8. OMGoodness, I love that headband! I am very impressed!

  9. Let me just say that you two are SO adorable and i love how in love you are. and conrad TOTALLY gets his smile from you. i see it in the last picture. adorable. XOXOX

  10. really lovely head piece!

  11. this post almost made me cry. I have a friend who is struggling to get pregnant. My heart breaks for her...

    This is so true: that nothing exists outside of HIS sovereignty.

    I will pray for your friend too.

  12. Good job on the weight losss! You look FABULOUS!

  13. Thanks Des. that's very kind of you to say my dear cousin.

    Love you mama~ Hope we get to come see you soon. Dustins best friend just got a job in Hawii and we were thinking about trying to take a trip out there.

  14. that head piece is too cute x