Friday, April 2

spring Fashion Week: Friday

a few links to love:

best wedding toast EVER....I love the brides surprised expressions
each time someone different pops up! So sweet.

i listened to this song enough times to break my car stereo this week

Now for the fashion:

I am Wearing:
Silk floral dress: anthro {mom's}
Cardigan: Gap
Jeans: machine ?
Sneakers: Chuck Taylors
Belt: Express
Feather necklace: thrifted

I'm waiting to see what my mom says about me pairing the dress 
with torn jeans and sneakers....

Mom: "You always put weird outfits together...."
Me: "No I don't! That's rude! I look cute...."
Mom: "Um, NO, no you don't....I look cute."
Me: "Fine,  you look cute. Thanks for the dress!"

But she really does ALWAYS look cute. She has the best style of everyone I know.

This is what we ate last night....
plus pizza....
plus pop corn......
plus riesling.....
plus vampires. 

It was epic. 

Thanks ladies for coming over. I had a ball. 
You girls are too hot for your own good and I love you!


  1. Gap cardigaannnnnn! Between the two of us, we have probably 45.

  2. OMG- yes we do. they are the best!

  3. Oooh, I LOVE this. You DO look cute.

    And looks like a well-balanced meal to me!

  4. Lovely! I love your hair too.

  5. I love all your unusual pairings! I tend to be so matchy-matchy and you're inspiring me to break out of my comfort zone! Great work :)

  6. This outfit is GREAT!!! You're so creative and you pull it off so well. I'm really inspired by yet another of your getups!

  7. Aww, you're so lovely! Cute, cute outfit!

  8. You are darling. Plus, wherever you took the photo (an office?) is SUPER cute too! I've loved looking around your blog :)

  9. isn't that the best wedding toast! i watched it so many times!!
    ps. i went straight for the pantry after seeing that last picture of all the candy. yum.

  10. I love the dress with the jeans. And dang, you're mom really must have the best style ever. That's awesome that you can share clothes. And all those treats!!! Plus Vampire Diaries! Sounds like the best night ever!

  11. I think you are just about the cutest thing ever.

  12. That is the best dress ever! The print, the colors, the ruffles...I love it all. Oh, and I agree with you on the torn jeans under the dress...perfectly acceptable!

  13. ilove that dress!
    its so adorabel!
    youre so cute.<33

  14. Will I EVER make it over? I hope so. To be around adults is THE BEST. Maybe next week. I'll try my hardest to not pick up any shifts or make any plans.

  15. dresses with jeans are my favorite! you look adorable!!