Thursday, April 22

Spring Fashion: Daisy Dukes

What's the deal with this crazy, cold, rainy Vegas weather?
It's freaking me out!
Is it strange that I never liked my legs until after I had a baby? How does that work!?
Aren't you supposed to be an old hag after baby?
I feel more comfortable and better about myself than Ever before....
(side note: I hate how fat I used to think I was before I got pregnant.
and then I got pregnant and HUGE and had something to bitch about.
I appreciate and love my body more now.)

I NEVER wore shorts, let alone SHORT shorts. I draw the line when the cheeks start to hang out or dimples and (stretchies) become exposed..... (LET'S NOT GET CRAZY GIRLS..... MODESTY ALL THE WAY. I believe that true sex appeal or sexiness is when a girl doesn't have to plop her jugs & booty out on the table for the world to know she's got it goin' on. Gotta keep it classy!)
BUT ALAS LADIES.... I have a super sexy solution for your short-short woes..... TIGHTS!
(Even LONG shorts would look super cute with tights.....)
I am SO obsessed with tights, youdontevenknow. I have always stayed away from the dukes, But I'm exploring them and making friends with them, and trying to take more risks with what I wear, because after all (no one really cares if I wear shorts) and (I'm the only one who thinks my legs are fat, or sees stretch marks.....) So I might as well embrace what my mama gave me and wear dem' dukes, even if I'm not perfectly toned. Who is?!

{And If I get EVEN ONE comment telling me that my jacket looks like something a lion tamer would wear, I'm going to be totally pissed, I will totally agree with you!
Dude, Lion tamer jacket for sure. I couldn't agree more. }

I am wearing:
Lion tamers jacket: Anthropology
white button up: Target
Shorts: hand me downs
from Heather's closet
tights: gap
shoes: doll house


  1. I feel the same exact way about shorts! I dread summertime and envy all the girls with perfect legs wearing shorts... I'll have to try them out with tights now! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I feel the same way about my body. After I had my son, I started seeing my body in a whole new light...I really do think it is something about getting so freaking huge that helps you appreciate what you have! And, the jacket, lion tamer never crossed my mind...I was thinking more along the lines of tweedy, funky Chanel, looking jacket.

  3. very cute!
    love shorts with tights. my sister-in-law wears them like that. i haven't tried it yet...hmmm....maybe i should!

  4. LOVE the outfit. Just last week I wore short shorts with black tights. Out. For the first time. I surprised even myself.

    ALSO, you have exactly 100 followers!
    Congrats. xoxox

  5. totally totally totally a fan of the tights/shorts combo!!! and this will be the first year since i had my first daughter 7 years ago that i am attempting shorts...and uh.yeah i am SUPER excited about it!!!

    you look lovely!

  6. I'm obsessed with tights as well my dear! And I feel the same way about my body after having a baby...I love my body more now than I have ever loved it before. I hate how I used to always say and think how FAT I was...Us ladies are so hard on our self's.

  7. I was hard on myself too...much less so now. Must be something about watching your body drastically change over 9 months.

    I will say that body image disturbance is such a big deal these days. Not sure why we become so self conscious over the silliest of things. Beauty is all about embracing it! (and being classy too...I can't agree with you more!)

    Whew! Sorry.. got on a soap box. You look great! :-)

  8. You look amazing! Work it girl!

  9. I totally agree. I totally love my body waaaay more after two kids. And I love that this body can run 10 miles on any given day... and I finally like my legs. I've hated my legs my whole life.

    And those shorts are CUTE. I've never worn tights with shorts... but I just might do that tomorrow. I love it.

  10. Erin, I also think it has a lot to do with running.

    It has totally been empowering to me to have a strong body and to be more healthy. One of the best things is knowing that I'm working my heart muscle and I'm honoring God and my family by taking care of myself. That makes me feel really good. Heart disease is the number one killer in woman. I always think about that.

    I would NEVER wear these shorts without tights. I just think people would give me the stink eye, and I'd be uncomfortable. Thanks for your comment. AND, You seriously look great and inspire me.

  11. ugh i have to get pregs to like my body?! ok well, one day.

    dude, probably the cutest outfit yet. love it all. i realized the other day i don't even own a pair of shorts. NOT ONE. i'd totally wear tights and shorts. tyty

    on the look out for some katie dukes!

  12. Katie, You have legs for miles and you ALWAYS look amazing-I'm sure with legs like that, you'll never have the short stubby leg complex that I do! I would KILL for your height for just one day!

    I think it's more about embracing the "after baby body" and loving it instead of cursing it because it's not the same. Celebrating it!

    Go buy you some shorts and show off those amazing legs of yours!

    Thanks for the comment, you're very sweet.

  13. inspired.
    I'm absolutely trying out the tights and shorts look.

  14. This WHOLE outfit is awesome. All of it. I didn't think 'lion-tamer' once until I read it and even then... it is still not the first thing I would think. I love how those shorts are classic jean shorts yet have all the cute little details that make them super unique. You look great!