Friday, April 23

Weekly Surf:

My little Ace Ventura:

Weekly Surf:

The best way for a husband to love his wife and children

My fav. look book to follow. She has impecable fashion

this necklace totally makes me want to get back to
my jewelry making!

I wasn't intending on sharing this photo.
Some moments are just too precious and intimate for the world to see, but given the week that we've had, this photo puts a smile on my face. It reminds me that even when I'm tired or we've both been crying in each other's arms and have had a tough day, these hugs are more payment than I would ever ask for or expect to receive.

While getting him dressed one night this week, he was throwing a fit and not happy about teething, and I was trying to be a good mom and hold it together but threw that out the window and said "SCREW IT! I'm crying too!"
And we both balled together as loud and dramatic as possible.

This week we experienced a lot of exhaustion, sleepless nights and to top it off, we got news that our son's hips have taken a turn for the worst and need to be fixed immediately. This news is sometimes too much for a little mommy to grasp. (I will post more about this subject when I know more and meet with the orthopedic surgeon.) We're just taking comfort in the truth that our God is the ultimate healer and his promises can be trusted, He is good to us and abundant in His love for us.

It's hard to put my mind around the fact that he loves Conrad even more than I do and wants the best for him. We're clinging onto the Lord and we don't for one minute say "Poor baby."There is no reason to have pity on Conrad when we are so blessed to have doctors who are educated and can help correct this issue. Especially when our God is the top dog of surgeons. We're just surprised it's gotten worse and your prayers would be great. My hope is that we can correct his hip issues with another harness and won't have to have surgery.

That's why these photo are treasures.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. Conrad is getting so big and so very handsome! Those little hipparoos will be in my prayers :)
    And I'm right there with ya on this damn teething thing. It's hard, especially when tantrums are being thrown left and right...make's us mama's want to throw a tantrum as well.
    I send much love to you and the fam.

  2. praying God will hold you tight as you walk through this new journey with your little man. he knows exactly what you need & when! hugs! xo.

  3. he is sooo cute. much prayers!

  4. Auntie Desi23 April, 2010

    We will def. keep Mr. Conrad in our prayers! I love you soooooooo much! Just remember God will never give you more than you can handle. BTW I love sweet baby hugs too!

  5. Definitely praying for you and for Conrad! God is the one to lean on, for sure. Love love love the Ace Ventura shot, and I am glad you shared the hug photo. It warms my heart.

  6. I know about crying, I sometimes have to cry and get it all out, so you maybe have to too. There's nothing wrong with that. I often feel better after a good cry, I honestly believe it gets your negative thoughts away. I think I've just discovered my emotional periods and my head is all over the place. Hormones have a lot to answer for.

  7. everything will be ok!!!!

    positive thoughts you way!!

    Hope you had an awesome Earth Day #40! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  8. beautiful photo.
    i know those exhausting days all to well!
    teething is the turned my olivia into
    a child i did not recognize! but they get through
    it and you will to :)

    i will, for sure, be praying for his little hips.

  9. oh birds - such joy in your life. we are all so blessed! and the Lord will take care of you and your family. I can see him shining through this post already.
    I will be thinking and praying for you guys!

  10. That really is such a beautiful photo, though.

  11. that picture is precious. way to capture it!

  12. That picture of his hair is the best thing EVER!! Man, I wish P had some hair. LOL. I wish you would have called me about the Radster. I'm always here, just a phone call away. Coffee ASAP!

  13. Two days ago, we were having a sucky day and Levi dug his little talons into my arm super hard a couple of times. I know he wasn't meaning to hurt me, but I like, yelled outloud and then John came in and I started crying like a little girl. Then Levi looked at me and started crying that same "I got my feelings hurt too" cry. We looked pretty pathetic. Poor Daddy had to comfort both of us at the same time.

  14. Thanks for the laugh Jen. That's hilarious.

    I've had those times too-I can just imagine john doing that. You made me smile. thanks!

  15. Wow you are a seriously awesome blogger. So much intelligence and beauty and photography perfection all crammed into a little blog post.

    Seriously though, Conrad looks gigantic in that picture. So sweet. He's growing up so fast :( And I told you earlier, I love the Ace Ventura hair! I love him and all the viruses he gives to you and then you give to me, and that I will surely be giving to Avery. I LOVE YOU LOTSIES!

  16. Lotsies?

    That must be a lot......

    You're the sweeeeetest!

    <3 I love you and aves tooo very much!

  17. I LOVE the nakey picture! He's so cute. AND getting so big. Those baby blues will one day melt a few hearts. <3

  18. Continue to hold your head up, you seem to do a great job of doing that! I feel your concern, Makenna just had a 5 day hospital stay and a surgery of her own when it was found she had Intestinal Malrotation. These are OUR precious and PERFECT babies regardless of what anyone says and to hear that something is seriously wrong with them isn't the easiest thing to swallow.
    Faith is right, as well as being thankful. The fact that we live in an age where just about anything is fixable is truely a blessing! Conrad will be better then ever before you know it. Babies are so resilient. When you think he needs to take it easy, he is going to show you otherwise!
    Speaking from experience, don't hesitate to cry. We our moms, these babies have the most precious presence... we have earned the right to cry! Going through this is a big thing, I encourage it - it will make you feel better!
    Best wishes, you are in my thoughts and prayers!

  19. chelsea - you are the best blogger! i just love your blog! you take amazing pics, you have an incredible story - everyday, conrad is the cutest little button and you are just a doll.

  20. Thanks Tracy, that is such a sweet thing to say!

    I think you and mady are a bunch of cute buttons too!

    Love you!