Wednesday, April 21

And the winner is....

Conrad helped me pick the winner of my tea and cozy give a way, out of a hat-
and then he did a little jig, dancing around with the number and eventually tried to eat the number
(which resulted in me trying to take the number away from him, then he cried
and threw himself on the floor, and then I knew it was bed time!)
What a sweet little helper he is!

NUMBER NINETEEN is the winner!
The lovely Candice won.
She is my ridiculously-good looking {Zoolander voice} running buddy & friend
who would give you the shirt off of her back
and walk around naked if she had to
(she prefers it actually. Can't keep clothes ON that girl...No I'm kidding. She's a lady....)
She's got a heart of gold and I love her!
{I'll be giving you your yummy tea and flower cozy
the next time we meet for breakfast and a run!
Can't wait! SAN DIEGO WOOOOOOOOO! It's so on.}


  1. Wooooo HOOOOOoooo! So excited! Can't wait for the run too!!

  2. How fun!! I want to join your run & breakfast date!

  3. Let's all plan something.

    Im running 5 at the multi gen saturday around 8:30 if you girls want to join me! Maybe Amy & Brittney can come too??!

    I'm flabby ALL OVER and need to get my butt in gear!

    Hope to see your pretty faces soon! {miss you}

  4. I'm here in San Diego cheering you on :)