Friday, March 19

weekly Surf:

I just wanted to get a photo of the two of them in their
Rebels shirts....
then Conrad turned and gave his Dad his first kiss (ever).
What a great birthday gift! I don't think he likes the facial hair.
Maybe that's why it took him so long to give kisses.
My little guy cried for 6 month straight in the car.
Now that he's ONE (almost) we turned his seat around!
His whole life has changed. It will never be the same!
The first day of his seat turned around,
he kicked, squealed and laughed super hard as we were driving.
It was magic.
Nana came over to see the dude this morning.
He had his Jack Sparrow wig on. This is a prop for his
birthday party for the kids to wear, he doesn't usually have this thing on.
He made his famous stink face at the park.

Have a blessed weekend friends.

must have! must have! must have....

this sweater with a navy striped skirt = perfection

bird necklace-I adore


  1. we have the same carseat!

  2. Looks like a week full of love~

  3. i love that anchor short as well. and the fact that conrad gave his daddy his first kiss EVER! WOW, that's sooo awesome and beautiful that you got a picture of it. also, thank you for sharing that francis chan video. i haven't watched it yet due to the fact that it's eleven oclock in the morning and i haven't showered yet and i work soon, i will watch it later. but i'm letting it load. the title drew me in. thank you, chelsea!

    love, Cara

  4. my hubby is always talking about how good francis chan is...he listens to the podcasts at work!

    those pictures are soo sweet. your little man is a cutie.