Monday, March 22

A pirates first birthday bash....

The in-laws with the baby. Grandam Lois even put on the Captain
Jack Sparrow bandanna. She's an awesome lady.
Cupcakes and Icing made by Dustin...I got to ice them though and use
one of those icing bags! I felt like a major baker!
yes, I cried while everyone sang happy birthday.
The next birthday I'll pull myself together better...I promise.
for goodie bags, I set up a candy and cookie bar for the
kids to take home some sugar. Each bag was hand stamped
(by my husband-he did a great job.)
Conrad got a wagon from his Nana.
He was pretty thrilled about.
All of the guests were given an eye patch and asked to pose
in front of the "back drop" (an old sheet I painted), so Conrad could
look back at all of the people who came to his 1st party.

His first birthday party was this weekend and it was a major success. I worked all week stamping little signs for the tables, making four 25 foot long paper chains to use as streamers, painted a sheet to use as a back drop for his pirate photo booth, went to the dollar store to find bowls for his candy can cookie bar, made a gazillion turkey sandwiches with Dustin the night before, and helped my husband make cupcakes {which were delicious might I add}.

It was an emotional day for me realizing the milestone of ONE year. I couldn't help but get teary eyed realizing that my baby is going to grow up, and get too big to be rocked to sleep, and he won't need bottles anymore, and he's going to have a mouth full of teeth, and run and climb and graduate-and-get married-and have his own babies! It's too much to think about!

I couldn't have thrown this party without the help of my friends who helped me paint, made food, picked up balloons for me, & set up and tore down the party with me. I have the best friends in the world. I felt so incredibly loved this weekend by such wonderful family and friends. Thanks Guys! You rock. We love you, and Conrad says "Thanks!"


  1. This is great!!! I love it~

  2. I seriously teared up just looking at the picture of you tearing up while singing to Conrad. So beautiful.

    And those cupcakes look delicious! Looked like one hell of a birthday bash!

  3. what a cute little party! good job. :)
    and those cupcakes look delicious!

  4. I can't get over how cute this was- You are seriously so creative and crafty! I wish I could have made it in time to see for myself! One day you'll have to help me throw a raging party for 1 year olds!

  5. awww!!!!!! this turned out so cute! i LOVE the banner...and his little outfit...absolutely adorable :)

  6. So sad we missed it. He is super cute and the day looked so lovely:) Great job my friend, he is such a blessed little man.

  7. Adorable!! I've been waiting!

    Happy 1st, Conrad!

  8. What amazing pictures! What camera do you use? And what a little stud! You made quite the extravaganza for the little guys celebration. the eats look incredible. Yum.

    p.s. don't forget to enter my Peruvian Feather Earring GIVEAWAY!!!! I am very excited about it. First giveaway I have done.


  9. oh my goodness this is the coolest party ever.
    looks like such a great time, you did a wonderful job.
    i bet that little precious baby boy had anaamazin time! <3

  10. That party was adorable!!!

  11. you guys are just damn beautiful.

  12. oohhh em gee this is so so so so sooooo cute! i wish you were closer i'd so pay you to plan dexters :)

  13. You did such a great job with his party Chels! You are a great Momma. Conrad is uber lucky to have such an AMAZING Mom! I love you! I wish that we could have been there! :(