Tuesday, March 23

A photobooth journey through your 1st year:

I didn't think I would use these photos in a blog post, they were mostly intended to send to Dustin throughout the day to show him what we were up to. But looking back through all of them brought back so many memories. Hope you enjoy.

your first few days of birth:
this is your pissed off face-am I a bad mother for
thinking it's hilarious?
this was my favorite new born outfit of yours.
Is this a smile or is this gas? It's gas...
us getting ready for an early morning jog
here I am, overwhelmed by you.
You fell asleep, and just as I scooped you up
to take you to bed we posed for a shot.
you wore cute hats
and dinosaur socks
and put up with my shenanigans
....and Daddy's shenanigans
you were all too thrilled to be getting kisses...
Mommy working, and you.....probably bored out of your
mind. Sorry buddy...
after your bath, you're a pretty happy dude.
trying on the sling for size. It didn't impress you much
good morning lovie.
trying on your Halloween outfit to show my cousin
Mr. clingy pants needed to be held all day, and
I needed to get things done. So we compromised.
late night walks in the Bjorn
here we are after a long day of teething. Mommy was
crying, you were crying, we all were crying!
Mascara was running....


  1. LOVE IT! thank you for letting us in to your little guys life!

  2. LOVE it. what a brilliant idea. Oh he is just a little baby doll! i love you guys.


  3. That just melted my heart friend. So, so sweet:) You are such a great mascara running, baby holding momma!

  4. This is awesome. I just love it. <3

  5. Oh I LOVE these images!! Such a sweet progression!

  6. aww this is so absolutely adorable! what a beautiful little boy! =]