Thursday, March 18

Readers show off their fashion: Mae

This lovely lady is my friend Mae. Go check her blog
and her lovely little bean out as well.

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Target [Haven't worn them since BEFORE I was preggers!]
Earrings: Etsy []
Hair & Makeup: Me!

"Before I was a mom, I chose fashion as my day to day form of expression, like most women. But these days, my fashion choices are limited to a strict criteria: Can this outfit go from nursing Lily, to washing the dishes, to walking the dog, to weeding the garden, and still make my man wanna come home to me? This is one of the very few outfits that gets a "yes" all the way.
Here's a tip though on days you just can't seem to get out of your sweats or pjs: Wash your face, brush and fix your hair and throw on a little makeup. Nothing fancy, for me it's usually a little mascara. Trust me, it makes a world of a difference.
Thanks again, Chelsea, for keeping me fashionably accountable ;]"
OX, Mae


  1. Mae- I tend to stay in sweats all day for the most part unless we have somewhere to go. I couldn't imagine being a mom all day in a cute outfit....

    whoever manages to do that is insane-
    I put the outfit on, run around town, come home, strip into my yoga pants and that's the way to do it!

    Your braid is cute-and I love the pattern on your shirt. You're incredible for nursing for as long as you have! I commend the moms out there for doing it for that long. it's the best thing you can do for your baby!

    thanks for sharing your fashion philosophy and a tid bit about your life.


  2. Thanks for showin me off girl!
    And I'm not even gonna front...the pjs I'm wearing right now, are the ones I put on LAST night after my workout. HA!

  3. Mae is so right! I used to pour my heart and soul into an outfit B.C. (Before Child), and sometimes I still do, but definitely on a more rare occasion. I laugh at my family when they mention "you always look so cute and put together"...well, yeah TODAY! And only because I knew I'd be socializing and making contact with the outside. Usually it's gym shorts and tank for most of the day.