Thursday, March 25

readers show off spring fashions: Katie

"Thought this might be fun until I saw my wardrobe of such unspringy clothes. This is as Springy as I get! I sort of blend in with our (beautiful) English grey skies. I love stripes and scarves. I'll probably be wearing both if I go anywhere. This outfit is pretty simple and comfy.The shoes were a steal at around $8. Well Spring isn't quite here yet but I will welcome it with open arms!! So think warm thoughts and send some Spring my way - all the way over the ocean."

What Katie is wearing:
Striped top - Old Navy
Scarf - Forever21
Jeans - Forever21
Kicks - Burlington Coat Factory
Tote - Bought @ a Deer hoof show

Thanks Katie! I've been wearing my leather riding boots and sweaters trying to get a few more wears out of them before it gets too hot! I hate seeing my favorite fall clothes sit in the closet! I'm kind of really jealous that you live in England-maybe we'll take a trip out there one of these days! <3


  1. thanks chels - you are always welcome!

  2. This is a simple look, but I love it! I agree, wish I could wear scarves all the time. Scarves and tights for me :)

    Have a lovely weekend! <3