Friday, March 26

Weekly Surf:

Does anyone else see those eye brows? Evil. Pure evil.
What a little devil. quickly he becomes sweet and lovable
......and then, goes back to his evil climbing-out-of-bath ways!

My baby is getting too big, too ornery, too independent and frankly, it makes me very sad that he's turning into a toddler. Here are photos of him rebelling against my wishes that he stay in the bath and not escape! You don't know how many fights we get into during bath time. I sound like a broken record, "sit dooowwwn! Sit DOWN!" I try to place him gently on his butt and he cries and then bath time is over before it began.

Sigh, anyway.
Get your surf on...

a video of my son laughing so hard I was sure he was going to explode

I don't have baby fever, but I do however have
baby-nursery-decor fever over this mobile

stripes on a ceiling is a genius idea to make a room more interesting

abc birthday cards I adore

the perfect baby shower gift

my husband is Phil Dunphy

a new mommy blog you should read

Have a blessed weekend friends.


  1. oh gosh, my daughter tries to climb (unsuccessfully) out of the tub as well -- little mischief makers!

  2. Awesome things here. First, the pictures were beautiful! I love the bathtub pictures. And the video made me smile.

    And the new mommy blog was great too! Thanks for sharing. <3

  3. Love this... my kids are like fish and could stay in there all day if Id let them...

  4. ohhhh that mobile, i might have to make one, my sister is preggo again and her nursery doesn't have one.... love love love annnd those pic are to die for

  5. fabulous photos!! girl, you are soo talented!

  6. i LOVE those pictures!

    this is exactly how olivia is right now. trying to climb into and onto eveeeeerything.

  7. My son Henry fights bath-time too. It's not fun!!