Tuesday, March 9

Message in a Bottle:

My little guy who is about to become a BIG one year old-
posed for his birthday invitation, sword and all!

{I was extremely happy to find eye patches in bulk for 14 cents each
for the guests to wear at the party!}

Here I am hand delivering his
Birthday Invitation-message in a bottle
to grandpa & grandma

We filled the bottom with sand and sea shells, rolled the invite up
and tied it around the bottom of the cork! I was gunna get all crazy with chalk board paint
on the front to write to and from but decided that realistically, a bottle in the ocean would get wet-thus erasing the chalk....(not that we're actually putting these bottles in the ocean,)
Annnnnywayyyy.... So I kept it simple!

{Thanks to my fabulous friend who helped me design it}


  1. that is the cutest thing i have ever seen!
    you are soo creatie!
    i love it. what a biigggg boy!

  2. What a genius idea, putting the invitations in a bottle.

  3. What creative invitations! And a happy first birthday to Conrad!

  4. holy cow, you are so creative! that's such an adorable idea. :D

  5. wow! you invitations are going to be way better then anything I can think of. I don't even know what to do for Braylee's birthday which is in a month. ..

  6. seriously, beyond the invitations-it's really just a picnic with family at the park-nothing too fancy don't let the invitation fool you.

    I asked my husband if he would dress up as sponge bob-but sadly, he declined. I think he dressing up would have totally put the party over the top.

    Thanks Ash- omg I can't believe she's going to be one! So big! They're so close in age!

  7. super great outfit, missy. and i love the invitations of course. :)

  8. seriously loving the invites and conrad looks friggen cute!