Thursday, March 11

Show off your fashion: spring edition!

Spring doesn't seem like spring this week. It was actually snowing earlier this week, and today it's blazin' hot, yesterday it was cold and windy- wth?! Anyway, It's been a bit annoying to attempt to pull out the spring threads, and then hurry back inside to grab a sweater with this unpredictable weather!

What I'm wearing;
Black flower sweater: TJ max from {my high school days}
Skirt: Frenchi
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Belt & black tights: F21
Brown Boots: Kenneth Cole

If I'm comfy, I'm happy. If I can still get on the floor and play with my son, I know I'm wearing a good outfit. AND it's amazing the difference wearing a skirt can make when your husband gets home. You don't get the same kind of reaction with sweat pants, although I wear them a whole lot, It's fun to wear a skirt every now and then.


  1. You are such a hottie these days:) Plus, I completely agree with the whole skirt on when hubby gets home philosophy- makes for a much nicer evening.

    We are going to be in town this weekend but its a short quick trip, call me.

  2. How cute do you look? I love your outfit and your hair!

  3. Love the belt, great outfit!xxx

  4. Cute outfit. I especially love the skirt!

  5. i cant tell you how much i love your hair in that cute braid.
    love the outfit muuucchhoo!
    youlook so great my dear!<3

  6. I love that you mix-match prints and colors.
    And I'm so into the high-waisted belt right now. I mean, you can wear any baggy shirt or cardigan and make it fitted.
    Very cute outfit!!