Monday, March 8

Show off your fashion: spring edition!

What I am wearing:
Jeans: paper denim and cloth
dress: isaac mizrahi
Shoes: pay less
Hat & broach: F21

(I wore this dress tons when I was pregnant. It was one of my favorite things
to wear because it was so comfy. It's pretty big now, so I put a belt on
so It doesn't look too crazy.)

I am showing off fashions-and will be featuring friends (and my mom who has incredible taste in fashion) throughout the month of march. If you are a blogger and would like to have your fashions showcased, please email me and I would be glad to feature you on my blog. Be sure to send me a few photos of your fashions and don't for get about accessories!


  1. that dress is amazing.
    you look so great miss!

  2. The broach on the hat is a great idea.

  3. i love your blog header! so sweet! :)

  4. oh mama - love this idea - might want you to feature me :)

    and you look amazing!

    i wanted you to see lucia's birthday party pics ... will email you the link. you will like. she turns one tomorrow!!!!

    ps... read your previous post and CONGRATS ON YOUR RUN!!!!!!!!

  5. thanks girl. Yeah email me the link-I've been planning Conrad's party and all of the details are starting to overwhelm me-I think I just need to keep it simple and not worry about all of the silly stuff.

    I can't wait to see her pics though-they're so close in age! Whens her birthday!?

    and thank you for your kind words. I plan on running many more halfs-it was such a blast!

  6. Such a cute blog. Love the dress.
    Love Marie

  7. eek! i have this dress!! i love it! its one of my faves! you looks so cute!