Monday, February 8

When your husband surprises you

with a love note strategically placed underneath the babies nightly bottle and tells you he has to run out real quick while you're giving the baby a bath, you know he's got something up his very long sleeve....that something being Creme Brulee with strawberries and dark chocolate shavings.......

Oh my Gawd, I think I just went into a diabetic coma.... YUM!
Lately, I've been finding little scraps of paper hidden in places that he knew I would be looking. like the babies shoes, and I have to say, these little sentiments are bringing out my competitive side. Now I'm thinking of how I can one up this tricky romantic man of mine. How can I out do his sweet nothings? As I rocked the baby to sleep I had ideas swirling in my head.

But mostly, I'm awe struck with this perma-smile plastered on my face, excited that
romance is alive!
(It's amazing how hot a man can look wearing an oven mitt ....)


  1. this is going to make me cry... i just love you two!

  2. what a cute idea! lucky you! hopefully you get more and more surprises :)

  3. I'm no match for you, but game on.

  4. I'm about to blow your mind with romantic-trickery dustin, You just wait!

    Making me sweets in your workout shorts and lookin' all hot goes a long way....