Tuesday, February 9

Weekly Surf: Summer must haves

What reminds me of summer: Red Stripe beer, Fleet Wood Mac playing on my then-handsome- boyfriend's record player, peppermint lotion, & the way sun screen makes my mouth water. Also, Jamaica (the place we spent our honeymoon) reminds me of summer:
Every year we celebrate our anniversary by sipping that wonderful Jamaican beer.
Here we are the summer I became pregnant-Here we are, 3 years married.
(Here he is squinting in the sun because he refuses to wear sun glasses and it drives me NUTS!
He also refuses to read with adequate lighting and that ALSO drives me NUTS.
I'm CONSTANTLY flicking lights on when I catch him in the dark reading....Oh-married life!)

So I'm getting pretty excited that summer is just right around the corner.
Maybe I'm jumping the gun with a post about summer essentials,
but I really can't wait to bust out the skirts and tanks!

I've already got one in my closet that I bought a few weeks ago
that I'm dying to wear.

{To reward myself for a job well-ran, I made Dustin and I some tiny ice cream sandwiches that were so sweet I about threw up after devouring them. BUT, girls who want to wear cute swim suits don't gorge their faces on cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches & large take out orders of Tiramisu the week before their marathon! (Chelsea!) All I can think about is sugar! I need to be stopped, I'm out of control!}

Wish me luck tomorrow.
& have a wonderful weekend.

PS: I love you Dustin.

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