Wednesday, February 10

Pretty In Pink Give-a-way

So since it's February and love is in the air, I would like to pass along an
adorable knitted flower to my lovely readers.

I have a few of these pretties myself that I love to clip onto a sweater,
or clip into messy-curly hair!

Allow me to model them for your viewing pleasure....

To enter to win, simply leave a comment telling either:
* your ideal date night
* what makes your Valentine so sweet
* the sweetest Valentines day gift you've either received or given
* your plans for this coming Valentines day
*and if you think V-Day was created by the card companies
{to make millions off of us poor romantic saps}
and you think it's super lame, here's your platform to say that as well!

The winner will be chosen at random on Monday morning!

I also own this navy and olive colored flower that is a little larger.
I LOVE it!
Go snag you a few goodies from her Etsy Shop!


  1. Even though Im single and will most likely have a solo valentines day I am still a sucker for love and adore the holiday (although I am going to a f$@# valentines party on Friday, that is just for the boys) the best valentines I ever had was when a guy got me presents every day of february leading up to the 14th. I'm not a big jewelery or chocolate girl but he did stuff like load a playlist on my iPod or put a redbull in my car. It was the thought that counted and I'll never forget it :)

    Even though I am single I still buy a valentines card for my husband every year. Our first valentines will be the jam!

  2. I loved working in the floral industry every year.. until February. That ruined Valentine's Day for me forever! To me, V-Day is just an excuse to increase flower prices 300%. These flowers are no different from the ones you would buy in March or July, so why do they cost so much more?!

    I appreciate thoughtful gifts from my husband throughout the year.. for no reason at all except that he loves me and was thinking of me. V-Day is a day that forces your significant other to buy you something. I don't want it forced or expected. I want it from the heart, because he means it! That is why, we do absolutely nothing on V-Day every single year (unless, of course, it falls on a Friday, which is usually our date night :)

  3. I definitely love to make my own cards for special holidays, so if people think its made for the Card Companies... I'm not contributing :)

    This valentine's day is going to be pretty special. It'll be our first as a married couple and I think Grants in for a real surprise with the gift I got him- thanks to you that is! I love you Chelsea.

  4. Well seeing as though Brad had surgery today I am going to make Chicken Cordon Bleu, fettucini noodles, with Brad's fav. bacon avacado ranch salad and we will all have a romantic dinner at home... kids and all!

  5. Oh now that's just way too cute. I'm totally entering!

    So here are my thoughts on V-day.

    True, that it is totally a way for hallmark and Walmart to make some quick money... but I have no qualms with the holiday! It's a nice idea.

    But I rarely go out, spend tons of money and make it a big deal. Instead, I write a cute love note or make it a point to shoot I Love You's all day long! :-)

  6. Amanda- I LOVE that gift of getting a special gift each day up until V-Day. I'm doing a similar thing this year for Dustin. This morning I snuck down stairs to his car and put a tiny white cupcake box under his car seat and when he left for work, i texted him right away and said "What's that smell? I think there's something under your seat. You might want to check on that!" And he had a cupcake to eat.

    Those are the things that make people smile. Tiny surprises!

    Jessi- I agree with you girl! I'd rather someone just drew a flower on a piece of paper than spend a butt load!

    Amy!- He's going to LOVE it! You're such a good wifey! The first V-Day is so special, i do agree. For our first V-day, (before we had student loans and hospital bills...and both worked 2 jobs) Dustin took me to a really nice dinner. It was one of best dates we've been on!

    Times sure are different these days, but even him cooking me a meal at home is just as nice without the cost! {Love you too girl!}

    Kayla, I agree. Valentines day is a fun holiday. Whether the card is from the store or hand written, it makes no difference. It's all ok with me! It's just fun no matter how the love is expressed!

  7. First of all, let me just say that you have skinny arms; I have this thing about arms, this thing that makes me kinda obsessed with them. Did I just admit to that?

    Oh well.

    My favorite thing about Valentine's Day ... awe, shucks. I like it. I just do. I know that some people don't and they say it is a Hallmark Holiday, but whatevs - I think it is a good time to remind people that you love them... it is a time to remind ourselves that we need people because we are human and that is what we do - we need.

    And as for my Valentine's Day gift ... remember that She and Him vinyl that I said I wanted on one of my previous posts? ... Well, guess what arrived on my doorstep today? Thank you to my hubby ... proof that he reads my blog :)


  8. ummm...that is adorable and i want it.

    as for my thoughts on Valentine's day...
    as a teenage i did the "rebel against valentine's day" thing and used to wear all black to symbolize my hatred for it...hahaha....i was a dork.

    now, i don't mind it so much. i have a husband, who through the years, has gotten better about surprises, and a daughte who i can conjure up special little treats for :) so i am excited this year! i hope to make it a sweet tradition in our house for her!

  9. i adore this flower! i'm slightly obsessed with all things flowers and i love clipping them in my hair!
    my plans for this valentines day is chocolate overload, cookie baking and watching titanic with my best single girl friends!
    crossing my fingers!

  10. Ooo that is beautiful! This Valentines day will be our best! We get to celebrate with out new little valentine (who will be 12 weeks old.....omg). We are going to go on a long walk to our favorite breakfast place, our 'celebration spot' (the place where we found out we were having a girl, where Nolie went on her first outing, etc.). Then after walking and wandering some antique shops we will head home and make homemade pasta and watch LOST together while the baby snoozes. Wonderful, wonderful.

  11. gahh these are tooo cute.
    you look so cute with them!

  12. I use to think Valentines day was just a holiday to make you feel special by getting little notes and cards, candy, and flowers from secret or not so secret admirers. Then when I got married I though valentines day was a good day to be showered with gifts guilt free and go out to an expensive dinner that I normally wouldn't spend the money on. But... becoming a mother has given Valentines Day a whole new meaning to me. Its about LOVE. Not about romance or about any material thing but about sharing you day with the people in your life that you truly love and celebrating love in general. Its about Love for you family, Love for your friends, love for your neighbor or love for the stranger on the street, love for this earth and love for this beautiful thing we call life! There is so much to celebrate on valentines for me this year... I'm so grateful for all the loves of my life and I cant wait to spend the day showing it in little special ways. :) "All you need is love!"

  13. I totally agree with you Cassy.

    It's not about the material things, it's about knowing you're loved, and showing love to those around you.

    Dustin was on baby duty this morning before he went to work, allowing me to take a hot bath, read, and watch save by the bell (ignoring the pile of laundry waiting for me) and sipping hot coffee.

    that's better than anything material.

  14. I love the flower:) Valentines day will be low key for us- a crackling fire and a few left over s'mores sounds so lovely to me.