Monday, February 8

Mirror Mirror on the Wall....

Whose the craziest baby of them all?

Yes, It's true, some mornings we jam out to Radiohead in the office while the cool morning breeze gusts through the window that points out towards the street where far in the distance the sun rises. On mornings like this one, where you woke at 4:35, we started our day early together. Yes, some mornings us "early birds" get to watch the sun rise over those mountains, pinks colliding with yellows as the orange stings our eyes absorbing both colors to our amazement.

It's not uncommon around here to find your mom sprawled out on the floor snapping away like a contortionist to get the perfect angle, holding my breath as the light catches your face, I hurry to snap as many as I can before the sun fully rises and steals this
perfectly grey-gloomy morning light.

But you, you make these dark circles under my eyes, the crusty goo of tired eyes and long nights rocking your sick-little-coughing-head-all-better, well worth it.

I thanked God again for the billionth time for these precious precious moments with you.

I am the one who stays in jammies all day watching Sponge Bob with you while you cough up a lung. I'm the one who repeats "Mama's here, Mama's here!" when I hear your cry from the monitor and race into your room when you need a snuggle in the middle of your nap.

We're lucky, me and you!


  1. This post is about to make me I sit here sooo tired, with my goopy green nose baby.

  2. you are lucky - you and him :)

    and that turquoise room is looking fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your furniture.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Thanks

  4. ah! that color looks so perfect.

  5. I love you friend. I love your baby. You are such a great momma:)

  6. OMG!!!! so adorable!!! DARLING!!