Saturday, February 6

Rain, Rain Don't Go Away!

The rain was lovely today. Almost too lovely if you ask me. Got me wondering if I live in the wrong climate. I ran with the girls today off on a trail in the desert near Boulder City. It was absolutely beautiful. Running in drizzle for 8 miles was exhilarating and so much fun.

We took the baby out to splash around in a puddle in his rain boots to enjoy it too. It helped distract him from the fact that his mouth was in utter pain-as was I after hearing him whine and cry all day. At one point, we were both crying in each others arms. So I dried our tears and off we went to splash in the puddles!


  1. Oh my word!
    Those boots!
    Too cute.

  2. if you love the rain, move to florida!
    we've got plenty of it here.
    it rains pretty much every day, at some point in the day, during the summer.
    but the humidity gets pretty miserable. :/

  3. Adorable pictures!!! I too love the rain and we hardly get enough of it here in california.

  4. Definitely the cutest rain boots I've ever seen!

  5. sooo so cute! d wore that same shirt today :)

  6. Oh I can't wait until our rainy season moves in! Puddle stomping is our very favorite.

  7. that little guy is so cute.

    i want his rain boots.

  8. your baby boy is so sweet :)
    he would probably get a long with my little man.