Friday, February 5

Weekly Surf:

The newest news over at the Robbin's house:
Conrad got his conductors license.
We're pretty proud of his accomplishments....
Here is our ten month old, sitting in a booster seat like a big boy....
Him sitting in a booster seat was worthy of a photo.

(He doesn't look like a baby anymore.
All of a sudden, the worst sadness has come over me
realizing he's becoming a boy! Ahhh!
He's totally not a baby! Time flies so fast!)

Tonight we're going to see Dear John and enjoy some Thai food! I think we both need a date.

I was making coffee this morning saying to myself "I don't think there is anything I wouldn't do right now for another hour of sleep." I thought, "would I cut off my pinkie nail for more sleep?" and quickly answered myself, "Yes, yes I would cut off my pinkie nail as a matter of fact! You're damn right I would, Mama's tired!"

I think it's going to be a red lipstick
kind of night! I'm feeling frisky!
Here's the dude at the park this week.
Too cool for school.
My friend Courtney came with us to the park baring gifts of Star Bucks
and taking shots of the boy & I playing.
It was lovely.
Is anyone getting excited for Valentines day yet!
I'm sooo excited! I got my first V-Day gift this week:
A knitted head band/ear warmer. Thank you Courtney!

Links I've loved this week:

A Daddy's love

loving this hot dress

Have you checked out these suits yet? A-mazing...
I'm totally digging these high waisted swim bottoms

Brilliant save the date

This show is my new guilty pleasure.
Every time I watch it I cry.

Before I die, I want to live overseas for at least a year
and jump out of a plane.


  1. The vintage high waisted is coming back! Just in time for our stretchety stretch marks! HA! I found this on Etsy the other day and plan on buying one for the summer She does great recreations of vintage pieces.

  2. I have a ten week old...and I might actually cut off my whole pinky for a night of sleep. Maybe...
    What a little man you have, so adorable!

  3. ah i want a high waisted bikini without the price tag! sewing machine??

  4. enjoy your cute bikinis while you can.

    You'll have plenty of reasons for high waisted ones when you're a mom... :)

  5. JUMP!

    You should jump out of a plane. It. Is. Amazing. Jumping at sunset = bonus points.

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