Monday, February 1

sneak peek

A lot going on at the Robbins house these days. We're working on staining furniture, and painting walls, garage sales, sucking dust bunnies out of nooks and crannies.... here's a sneak peek of the office:
After countless trips to the paint store I picked a color. The training is going so-so. I had a bad week last week as far as running goes. It seems running isn't productive on little sleep-this whole trying to be a mom thing and having enough energy to run sometimes feels impossible. We've had a few late nights with the fart knocker. But Dustin put some Matt Chandler on my ipod, so he gets a gold star and I'm sure I'll have some productive runs.
Other than that, I'm enjoying me some Vampire Diaries {vampire Thursdays}. I've been spending time with my two favorite people watching VD on Thurs, and It has been the bomb dot com. Someone slap the retard out of me. Also, was super blessed by this place and excited for what they're doing in Las Vegas.
Hope your week is going great.


  1. the Vampire Diaries is one of my fav shows!! I never miss it!!

  2. I want to go to some garage sales too. We should go together, I could use you eye. Call me next time your going.

  3. Ahhhh! Good ol' TVD. I love it that you watch it. Keep me in a job. :)