Wednesday, January 27

Nom Nom Nom...

When you're craving chocolate....make a shake instead! Resist the temptation to gorge your face with brownies and chocolate. That's what I've been doing lately-and boy is it tough. There is a box of brownie mix in the cupboard that has been sssshouting my name!

To make:
1 handful of frozen berries
1 cup of vanilla soy milk
1 cup of pomegranate juice
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
1/2 a ba-n-a-n-a!

It's heaven. I promise you, It will quench all of your chocolate desires...It reminds me of raspberry chocolate frappes at Star Bucks. It's that good. Just eye ball it though. Ingredients don't have to be exact.

ALSO I made a salad today that My husband actually had blue berries, strawberries, oranges, candied walnuts, apples, spinach and strawberry vinaigrette dressing. I was gasping as he munched away telling me how amazing of a salad maker I am.

And did you really think I could LIVE without fattening,
delicious, a-mazingly delicious chicken parm? As IF! So good.


  1. That chicken parm looks ridiculously good.

  2. ohhh yummy, im full and you just made me hungry! love your blog

  3. hey! where are you? chocolate is nummy - yes! but, i want to see pictures of your painting!