Monday, January 4

Weekly Surf:

This has been a really eventful, busy week for me.
Here's a little taste of what I've been working on... for the photo blog.
I got to photograph these lovelies. Which made me incredibly happy.

Other than that, I can't feel the bottom half of my body....I don't believe in new years resolutions. I've never made one, ever. But this year, I decided not to make a resolution, but to make a promise that I'd finally run a half marathon. I have no excuse this time. My husband is home at a decent hour now, I'm no longer breast feeding, I'm as happy as a clam and this time, I have other ladies who are training and running it with me, which will be super fun.

AND my husband loves me so much, he threw away my giant bag of M&M's the other night! He's such a motivation! He came home from work tonight, gave the baby a bath, put him to bed and got dinner started while I went for a run! Such an encouragement.
I can actually go have a life and run!
{Praise the Lord!}

Get your surf on:

...that would be nice

these purple peep toe boots are calling my name.
"Damn you purple boots! Damn you! Don't you know I'm broke!
Pipe down! Stop haggling me, purple boots!"

This IS happiness!

29 photos of San Fransisco

Have a party to throw? Go get you some cute stuff for it here.

my new favorite songs to run to here & here

Just signed up to run this race
wish me luck!

It's hard to have a favorite.
They're all so heartbreaking and beautiful

Check back real soon.
I'm giving a way a super cute head band in a few days...

Have a great week!


  1. we just did a shoot out there! dont you love love love that place?!?!?!

  2. Hearing Damage was my favorite song of 2009.

  3. yeah, I saw you and Omar on top of a bus reading a book or something but didn't know where you guys were...

  4. Those purple boots are definitely calling my name!! Your photography is lovely! And that dress you're wearing in the picture of you and your man--LOVE it!!