Thursday, January 7

This Week:
we did a lot of laying around this week
and a lot of watching Ellen this week
and a lot of late night tv this week....

we've got a sick little night owl
on our hands:
When he falls on his butt, we clap, and the he laughs.
It makes my day!
waiting for Dad to pop up and scare him
Crawling as fast as he can off the bed!
Getting tickled.
I was only going to pick just one of these pictures, but couldn't.

Conrad had a bit of a stomach bug and ear infection this week, which meant, I got thrown up on 3 out of 4 days! He's now on antibiotics which have started to help. I had the prescription but didn't want to fill it. The doctor was going to check on his ear 2 days after our appointment to see if it had gotten better or worse and then I would give the antibiotics. She said it's better to see if it will just run it's course instead of jumping on the antibiotics right away. I have the best doc in the world. I love her. Anyway. So after 2 nights of our son staying up past midnight, uncomfortable and hitting his ear, I said "ENOUGH!" and he's on the meds now, and much happier! That was my week! Cleaning barf out of the carpet, the bathroom rugs, blankets, my clothes, his hair etc. You get the point!

I've also ran everyday this week. Tomorrow is my rest day, and then Saturday morning I'm running with the ladies! I'm thinking of ideas to Bedazzle our shirts for the day of the race....8 weeks baby! 8 weeks!

Get your surf on!

Heres proof I'm not the only one in this world
who finds furniture on the curb and puts it in my house!
They do exist! And they find amazing furniture! So there!
Dumpster divers, and curb swipers unite!

pirate posters. You know, for that little pirate in your life!

the latest on my photo blog

this song is quickly making it's way
to the #1 spot on my running play list!

a bride whose guests sat on blankets, picnic style
for her wedding ceremony! So cute!

I begged Dustin to make this for dinner tomorrow.
I'm craving carbs and fat!

The most amazing wedding video I've ever seen

Have a blessed weekend friends!


  1. i am all about dumpster diving. that's how i got my first bike! and the reason my parents wouldn't let me get a van. they knew it would become a 'hoarders' situation. still- so many treasures just waiting to be found!

  2. You guys are a freakin' beautiful family. That's all. =)

  3. You make me laugh..."the reason my parents wouldn't let me get a van!" that's hilarious!

    Theres a few things in my home that we've purchased new. Everything has been a hand-me-down from my moms house, a curb treasure, the thrift store, or craigs list. We did get us some x-mas cash which we're putting towards a couch.

    Thanks Aaron. Miss you guys! You guys are freakin' beautiful too.

  4. I love that pic of you cutie baby laying on his side smiling straight at the camera. Adorable!

  5. looove these pictures you are very blessed my dear

  6. featured my sister's wedding video :)