Saturday, January 9

More Important things:

I haven't had much time for reading the
last installment of the series
since I've been reading more important things,
and being oh....I don't know, A MOM! {And wife}

This made me laugh today. A little treat
for all of you Twilight-ers.
Enjoy-and have a pleasant weekend!


  1. The last book takes longer to read than the first 3, anyway. I personally don't enjoy it that much, but there are some who say it is their favorite of the series.

    I liked the spoof, it was pretty funny!

  2. That was pretty funny. I'm a HUGE twilight fan. I was getting ready to read the series again then Emery had the idea of reading the bible in a year... so I thought maybe that would be better for me :)

  3. yes. I put down "breaking dawn" last night.

    Bible reading might be a little more productive.

    The series is A-Mazing!

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