Monday, January 11

Making a house a HOME!

I finally figured out what color I want to paint the office
(after countless trips to Lows to find the right paint! UGH!)
I'm sort of basing the whole room around these photos:

and these curtains: that match the pillow in Bobbie's house,
which is where she shot the photos above.
(How lucky to find the exact pattern of the pillow in curtains!!!)

The color in the room matches the teal in the curtains,
which match the pillow in the photos of Conrad...Perfection!

Everything else in the room is black and white,
so I think it will clash really nicely.
If everything were too matchy-matchy,
it would be boring!

Plus, I think the teal goes with the knobs on my desk.
Win win situation!

I originally wanted to paint the room mustard yellow,
but the curtains are that doesn't work.
I'm determined to paint something mustard!

Stay tuned!


  1. loving the choice! and yes somehting must be mustard yellow... love the color!

  2. Love-love-love the paint choice and all other inspiring elements. i envision your final product having a modern fresh look with a vintage twist.

    i think you would like the turqoise in my first house: ... check it out.

    happy painting! please post pics after!!

  3. i knew you would like the turquoise! and thanks for your comments about lucia's room - it is the best one in the house - i love it so!!!!

  4. Look - same fabric on a headboard!

  5. SHUT UP! That is soooo cute! You find the best stuff!