Monday, January 11


To celebrate my obsession with headbands & hair pretties,
I am giving away a really fun & unique one this week.
This is one I would actually wear myself,
clipped next to a low-messy bun!
You can never have enough hair accessories!
(Or one I would give to Tracy since she loves headbands...kidding)
I love the pop of mustard yellow and brown with the cute button in the middle!
It was crafted by this lovely lady-and you can also find
other amazing treasures in her etsy shop!

{ I was going to have Conrad model it for your
viewing pleasure but Dustin said no...
I really think he would have been a pretty girl. Just sayin'}

So here it is:

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment
telling me what your goal or new years resolution is for twenty ten
or just what you're looking forward to this year.
The winner will be chosen at random on January 16th


  1. I do not have a resolution, but I plan on just enjoying Maden's first year and the simple things in life! I LOVE being his mommy!!

  2. My goal for the new year is to get my photography business up and running! It's long overdue! :-)

    Oh...and I just LOVE the headband.

  3. my goal is to become more organized, and play with my babies more!!

  4. What a pretty band:) I would put in on my little Chica, if she would allow it!

    In 2010 I hope to love God and enjoy where I am in life, everything else is gravy.

  5. That is a beautiful headband! I am in love with flowers!

    In 2010, I want to become an all around better and more interesting person. I want to read better books, watch classic movies, lose a few pounds, and generally feel better about myself. I'm looking forward to watching how I do in improving all of these things.

  6. My goal is too pray through my prayer list while I rock my baby at night. Instead of think only about sleep and being tired.
    ps. I will totally wear this myself and MAYBE share it with my little one...but prob just wear it for me!

  7. So, my resolution is so's to lose weight. But honestly, I have never really tried it before and I need to start putting myself first so my 7 month old baby boy can enjoy doing awesome things with his mom for as long as he wants! Hey I have made it to the gym like I said I would so far!! Plus that pretty yellow flower would go great with these work out pants I just bought ;). By the way, I stumbled across your blog a few months ago when your Conrad was teeny tiny like my Sam and I have kept up with you since. Your photography is amazing! Nice to finally say hello!

  8. Ow-wowow-ewe-wow! That is too cute. I think Lucia and I could share it!

    My new year's resolution ... well, here is my list of "I will do's..." ... I guess my biggest goal, however, is to run a half marathon. I'm running a 5k right now without a problem and am getting ready to kick training into gear.

  9. That is awesome. I love this!! Too cute...

    My new years resolution was to finish college (i graduate next year... yay!) and to take more adventures... Im kinda a shy person and I really need to take them!

  10. sadly i cannot take credit for that wonderful photo. i found it off my friends tumblr.
    but after looking at your photography i have come to the conclusion that you could most defintely get a shot like that!i love all the colors you use!
    and i adore the "birds" that is way too cute!

  11. oh no i forgot to say how much i LOOOOOVE that headband.. sunflowers are my absolute favorite and i am definitely keeping my fingers crossed.

    my goal for 2010 do something each week i've never done!!

  12. thanks chelsea rebecca- the "birds" i came up with because our last name is a type of bird-robbins...anyway. thanks. I really might try that shot-I've worked with balloons before but not nearly as many-and they were black. Colored balloons would be sooo fun!